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We asked you earlier in the week which job sites were your favorite, and whether you preferred job sites that were clearing houses of available job opportunities or professional networking sites that offered you a chance to connect with an employer before applying to work at their company.
Though Craigslist is by no means non-commercial, understanding its origins is an important part of understand how and why the company gives away so much online advertising for free. The site allows you to post your resume, search jobs in your area, apply to thousands of opportunities from multiple job listing sites, newspapers, corporate websites, and job boards. According to a number of you, Craigslist is also great for making real personal connections with people who are hiring for positions in your area.

Many of you expressed love for Monster's massive database, but hate for the sheer amount of spam posted and how difficult it is to actually get your resume in front of someone instead of casting your net wide and applying to everything available. Craigslist first started in 1995 by Craig Newmark as an email distribution list of friends that would feature local events in the San Francisco Bay Area. The site has thousands of tech jobs listed from some of the country's biggest companies like Hewlett Packard, Google, and Microsoft. Due to demand of expansion in listings categories and for a web interface, went live 1996.

San Francisco pays $75 for job listings, and NYC $10 per paid broker apartment listings too.

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