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If you're interested in applying you MUST have a strong foundation of construction experience; at LEAST 5 YEARS. Making this impression together with a great resume will reduce your job search and most importantly, will help you close the loop between applying and knowing where you stand in the process.
Also you must be comfortable enough to be able to work alone and some points on jobs and still be able to get a lot done.
Sarcasm aside, it’s going to take a few months to find jobs, apply for jobs, interview for positions, consider relocation, etc etc.

For the former mob getaway driver who’s now on witness protection, this will be the perfect job for you. Now while working at a fast food joint may be one of the most soul sucking and thankless jobs ever, at least this want ad is honest about their policy.
Now there may be some relevant disqualifications here such as being a sociopath, mean, or crazy. Now you have to admit, that the University of Nevada Las Vegas is really desperate for a head basketball coach.

I started applying in February and haven’t heard much back, and if I did it was that it was too early. However, most of the entry-level office jobs I actually want come with much more stipulations such as work experience which really pisses me off.

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