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Technically speaking, this is a blog but it qualifies because of the volume of traffic it generates and its theme which is about jobs in Nigeria9. This website has a nice layout too and has serious growth potential because it has a relatively small following on Facebook which if it expands will make it even more popular.7. This website allows employers to view the profile of job seekers so that they can easily identify the best candidates for the positions they want to fill. Like the name implies, this website is quite hot in Nigeria and has a good list of choice job openings in Nigeria.
At Alexa, you can always know the top sites in the web in Nigeria, ordered by Alexa traffic rank. I decided not to include Nairaland and NigeriaBestForum in the list above because they are not basically for Job search but you can always get latest Nigeria job vacancies at the two forums too. In my future posts, I will share with you how to get updates from all Job websites you know without visiting each website everytime.

Considering the current job search situation in Nigeria, most youths and job seekers go online searching for latest job vacancies on different websites and some tend to stumble on wrong sites who deliver late or outdated updates. On this post, am categorically going to be listing 7 of the top best Job Search sites in Nigeria where you can get the latest updates relating to jobs vacancies and please note that this list is based on my own perspective. There you have them, I’d recommend you subscribe to their email updates to enable you always get the latest on your email address even without you visiting their website.
No need to wonder any longer, I have done the research based on Alexa website rankings for Nigeria.
We are also one of africa’s fastest growing job boards since 2010 with several members and users in over 20 countries and territories around the globe.
This has helped it to become popular and is currently one of the top 50 websites in Nigeria.Now, it is time to recognise the best of the best and top of the back when it comes to job sites in Nigeria. With all of this efficiency and professionalism, there is little wonder that it is the most popular job website in Nigeria.Congratulations to the Jobberman team for building and maintaining such a fantastic website that top employers and most Nigerian job seekers prefer (at least at the moment).

Yesterday, I decided to find out the top 13 Nigerian Job Search websites on Alexa where you can get latest Nigeria jobs and current Job vacancies in Nigeria.
That is, you get all the current vacancies posted to all the websites you know, all in one place. Jobberman: Jobberman appears to be number one and am quite sure you should be familiar with the site because the site sure give updates relating to job vacancies and more. More so, This list doesn't mean these are the only top career websites in Nigeria where you can get current jobs Nigeria. There are loads of great job search websites and blogs out there which are not in this list.

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