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Remember, you will have to use your willpower to limit your job-hunting time to looking for employment. Word of mouth contact has been very successful in helping people who are unemployed or want to change jobs. When you are going through the newspaper ads and see a job that interests you, always be sure to find out how to contact the company and at what time. If you have experience in dishwashing and want a similar job, then you would contact that employer first. For example, if you go to Brown's Construction and the employer says to check back with him in a week, write it down and check back.

After you determine what type of job you are interested in, the next step is to look for that job. You should let your friends and relatives know that you are serious about looking for a job. Always keep a list of the people you have seen and the results of the contact—whether there is a job possibility or no openings at that time. This agency offers a real public service to people who are unemployed, disadvantaged, or want to change jobs.
This program is provided through the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs and provides job training to help job seekers learn new skills.

When you have a good attitude and believe in yourself, you are likely to find the job for you.

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