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Employers looking to fill accountant jobs continue to show a preference for candidates who have applicable certifications. The certified public accountant (CPA) credential is still the most important certification for any accounting job, whether it's in audit, compliance, tax, IT or risk management. A master's in business administration (MBA) is often a requirement for a senior-level corporate accounting job.
There is absolutely nothing soft about the skills of mindset, discipline, trust, courage, or communication. The foundation of performance (and a good life) is in exceptional life skills -- skills that matter everywhere, all the time, not just at work.

The internal skills of personal management are among the hardest skills for a person to master. I hate the phrase "soft skills" because it misrepresents them as secondary, afterthoughts, & nice-to-haves. Pre-Employment TrainingAs a pre-curser to Job Readiness, special workshops are tailored to Young Adults, Veterans, Ex Offenders, and Seniors.
During the enrollment process and throughout the Job Readiness process, a career path coach will assist you in making the correct decisions. Firms may be looking for more skills and traits from the people they hire for accountant jobs, but the result is more interesting work and a more varied range of experiences.

It's easier for you to build accounting skills than emotional skills or run a marathon than control anxiety.

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