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Backpage is not as popular as the site it imitates, but its following is surprisingly robust in some areas of the United States, particularly the southern states like Arizona and Texas. Another Internet veteran, Geebo has never obtained the household name status of companies like Craigslist and eBay but has remained relevant for anyone who’s looking for an alternative. There are a lot of sites like Craigslist, but these were picked because of their strong user communities.
PDF files are the digital equivalent of the paper document: made to be shared and read, and occasionally filled in like a form, but not really intended to be easily edited.
With the inspiration of online dating sites, SaleSpider is developed to provide a massive platform for small and midsized businesses to expand their network said by the founder. Oodle is another familiar classified ad site like craigslist, which covers over 1000 regions from all around the world. It is one of the best classified ad sites like craigslist, which covers almost everything like used cars, real estate, jobs and lots more. Backpage is very similar classified ad site like craigslist that allows user to post ads for free. Founded over 15 years ago, the site has steadfastly refused to change its minimalist design and easy-to-use posting system. It’s not just good for buying and selling – it’s also great for finding nearby jobs in major metropolitan areas. Rather than focusing on all potential classifieds – including personals, job ads and more – this site only focuses on buying and selling. The focus on buying and selling reduces the flexibility of this site, but it also frees up space on the page, providing room for thumbnail images of many items. It focuses on buying and selling but supports many other classifieds such as jobs, housing and more.

Like most classified sites, the design is simple, but like eBay Classifieds it is far more colorful and modern than Craigslist. The site’s blog does spend a lot of time bashing the competition for sketchy practices, but otherwise the site isn’t “safer” than anywhere else.
If you've used YouTube for any length of time you've likely amassed hundreds of videos in your watch history. This site focuses on all potential classifieds that includes job ads, personal ads, housing ads, etc.
This leading free classified site serves over 3.5 million unique users monthly and generates over 50 million monthly page views. Posting ads in this website is completely free and each entry on this site is fully reviewed before it is published so that you can get only quality listings.
Though perhaps no longer as popular as it was a decade ago, Craiglist remains a popular and successful site.
This site seems to do a better job of providing geographically relevant results than many competitors and there is support for several countries besides the United States. This site also does not categorize classified by region automatically, though there is the option to enter your zip code. This site is a bit different from others because it was launched globally first and then re-purposed for the United States. The site’s design is cleaner and more attractive than other competitors, but still intuitive.
For this reason, many business owners have turned towards craigslist to find new customers. To increase the ad visibility across people, this site even lets you to share your ad on social media networks with a single tap.

When you sign up to their site, you can instantly post your ad that means you don’t have to wait for ad verification your ad instantly appear on listing.
This site is not only good for buying and selling goods but also it’s a great place for finding jobs nearby your location.
This is very similar site to craigslist but SaleSpider offers some online tools and marketing solutions for their members to improve small businesses. Since 1995, Craigslist is serving over millions of websites to promote various businesses, which makes this website as one of the largest and most popular online buying and selling portal in the world. The site is easy to navigate and users can create terrific ads using their ad tools, when you register you will know how it looks like.
Every day, millions of people visit OLX to buy and sell goods, rent a house, find a job etc.
Surprisingly, you will find more than 75,000 listings for dogs and cats ready for sale or adaptation on this site. While there were several setbacks on this familiar classified site such as wild scams and spam ads. Although, many people stick with craigslist to post jobs, car services, apartment rentals because of its large community. In fact, you can identify plenty of free classified sites like craigslist but picking up the best one is really frustrating.

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