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Jobberman offers a number of free additional features which will help you find Nigeria jobs online with ease.
Finally, Jobberman offers an SMS alert for particular employment areas of interest that you can sign up for if you have a mobile telephone subscription with Airtel. Our only gripe with Jobberman is that that site has annoying habit of kicking you off once you have logged on, forcing users to re-login. NG Careers offers the usual email job alerts and will soon be providing SMS alerts as well – the website currently states that the “service will be up soon”. We were also impressed by the active customer support forum available at the NG Careers website where users can ask questions about the site itself or more general questions about the best way to find Nigeria jobs online. Hot Nigerian Jobs promises big things to its users – it’s motto is “it’s your life, get the best out of it”.
The site offers a very simple registration process for first time users, asking them only for a name, date of birth, username and password.
My Job Mag is number four on our list of the top Nigerian job sites for one main reason – it’s innovative CV Builder application.
Aside from this, My Job Mag is a simple, modern looking and “no frills” website which allows you to view jobs without the need to login and sign up for free job alerts via an email subscription. The site is also easy to navigate with jobs being listed according to different companies and industries. For those of you that just graduated or completed your NYSC and are looking for a reliable Job Search Websites in Nigeria to submit your CVs and increase your chance of securing invitation for test and interview, Here is short post on how to direct your CV to the appropriate Job sites and be assured that your applications are submitted to employers. In Nigeria online space, there are over one thousand Job sites claiming to be the best and trusted platform for job information. If you know other job sites that can be useful for fresh and experienced graduates to find latest jobs and apply online - IT jobs, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Engineering, Management Trainee, Banking Jobs, Oil and Gas, Telecom, Insurance etc. There are several online platforms today that their primary activities centre around placing job adverts and notices on their sites. We help employers fill their vacancies quickly and cost-effectively by giving them access to the most relevant pool of qualified job-seekers and professionals. They agreed to work on the Jobs space for a number of reasons including: a low capital requirement (considering that they were students at that time), huge market opportunity (labour force of ~45m) and superior product differentiation.

There are several job vacancy listing platforms that have gone beyond just listing vacancies, but created communities of users.
Of course Nairaland is not primarily a job site, but loads of information you get on the site is more than enough of what some other sites offer.
According to a report on Vanguard Newspaper, about 80 per cent of the jobs advertised online are fake.
When a job site begin to ask you to send money to process your application, then something is wrong. Keep in mind that this isn’t a free service and currently costs 50 Naira for one week of job alerts via SMS.
Not only does it have a slick professional design but it also offers candidates the opportunity to submit an application via the site (rather than via an email address or external site). If getting the best out of life means finding the perfect job, then the very wide range of job vacancies available at Hot Nigerian Jobs will not disappoint you. The whole sign up experience is refreshingly simple in contrast to other sites that can sometimes demand all types of information about your previous work experience in order to register. This CV Builder application allows you to upload your details and My Job Mag will create a CV on the site based on its standard template.
Unlike other sites listed above, Job List Nigeria is an aggregator of job vacancies in Nigeria. It is the perfect site for those who are perhaps already employed and looking to see what jobs are available without necessarily signing up for a site and giving away personal details that could fall into the wrong hands (i.e. There are quite a number of such websites that operate in Nigeria, and it seems some are more popular than others. They shared the same interest in the Internet space and started Jobberman from the Obafemi Awolowo University campus during the Industrial Strike Action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) of August 2009.
These sites have successfully created a platform where users can come and get useful information via discussion groups that can help them in their quest to secure the kind of jobs they need. Some of the topics we cover include Nigerian political news, metro, sports, business and entertainment.
This is partly due to the fact that the internet is such a porous place, many fraudsters prey on unsuspecting jobseekers promising them jobs that don’t exist and because of the economic situation in the country, many job seekers are a little careless about which jobsite to patronize, causing them to fall into the wrong hands.

For example, the Hot Nigerian Jobs site doesn’t offer the option to apply via the site itself.
If you are interested in a number of different roles, then the site allows you to create multiple CVs, each tailored to a specific profession. This means that there’s no requirement to register for the site and you do not apply through Job List Nigeria. Users though will find many useful pieces of information that will aid their job search or in the case of employers, will aid their employment process, this site has simplified everything. It has a forum dedicated to that purpose, hence users can among other activities carried on, on the platform still engage in searching for job opportunities. A bewildering number of Nigerian job sites have sprung up in recent years which list Nigeria jobs online. Rather, applicants apply via an external site or email address unconnected to the site itself. My Job Mag then makes the CVs available to employers who will contact candidates if they are interested in inviting the candidate for an interview.
The site also has a look of simplicity, yet loaded with so much information that have been categorised into easily recognisable groups.
These articles are designed to help Nigerians make informed decisions in their every day personal and professional lives. If it is not posted on the site of the said recruiting company, you might be dealing with scammers. Job scammers usually do this – offer several hundreds or thousands of naira more than what is obtainable, to lure unsuspecting and desperate job seekers.
Anyone who is willing should visit this site and have an experience of simplicity that breeds possibility.

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