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Spring Point Solutions’ cloud-based (or hosted) version of MotorBase is an extremely valuable development for motor shops of all sizes because of the many benefits that it offers. Possibly the most attractive feature of MotorBase’s cloud job shop software version is the low cost of entry. The ease with which each user can search any information they require concerning current jobs and sales and the history of jobs for sales for all customers is spectacular. For any job repair, the job shop software allows you capture a complete spectrum of test data, have it saved with the job and print it out on well-defined reports.
Condition reports serve as a guided outline for shop personnel to follow for a particular repair. Capture employee time manually from time sheets or from the employee’s keying it in themselves as they complete job functions throughout the day. As job shop software, MotorBase is useful for far more than just helping to manage your motor shop better, which it does exceptionally well. For any job repair, MotorBase allows you capture a complete spectrum of test data, have it saved with the job and print it out on well-defined reports. The hosted version of MotorBase Job Shop Software (or MotorBase in the Cloud), is ideal for mobile use. MotorBase allows you to see far more clearly what work you have in the shop and be able to reallocate your personnel accordingly when rush jobs come in. MotorBase allows you to have your shop running in a much more organized fashion prior to high priority jobs arriving. MotorBase tracks inventory in real-time so you can know immediately if certain parts and materials for rush jobs are in stock or if they need to be ordered. Bringing you up to speed quickly on the health of your company is one of the goals of REALTRAC, the premier job shop software.

QuickBooks has been Realtrac’s primary integrated financial and accounting software partner since 1996. In addition, Realtrac Employee Time Summary reports can be used to simplify the preparation of payroll for hourly shop employees.
Given their intrinsic complexity, Job Shop scheduling environments are the perfect fit for Finite Capacity Scheduling software, or Advanced Planning and Scheduling software. Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software can also model the complex “one to many” or “many to one” relationships between operations that are required in job shop scheduling. The ability to handle multiple simultaneous constraints can be very important in job shop scheduling environments. Finally, in job shop scheduling environments, staff must interact with their customers over completion dates. Given the importance of on time delivery, often job shop customers want continual updating from you on when work is projected to finish. MotorBase in the Cloud allows motor shops access to the most current version of MotorBase in a fast, complete online package.
Rather than having to invest in a standalone MotorBase package, purchase new hardware to run the software and backups and invest in IT for configuration, the cloud version allows your motor shop to be up and running in very short order and no additional costs.
When used properly, Condition Reports are what allows MotorBase to so dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of your motor repair shop. The shop personnel know exactly what to do step-by-step by following the flow of the condition report in front of them. Because of that, you can manage all work in your shop far more smoothly when more intense workloads arrive. This comprehensive database system tracks and records all information related to repair jobs and motor sales.

Realtrac is the premier job shop software, and has the lowest total cost of use on the market. QuickBooks accounting has become the overwhelming choice of metalworking job shop software for real-time financial management. Effective Advanced Planning and Scheduling software has the robust modeling features necessary to model the inherent flexibility in engineering departments. The forms could be completed by the technician by hand and turned into the office, or the technician could enter the data himself into a terminal on the shop floor.
These departments often must be the first steps handled by any job shop scheduling approach. Furthermore, graphical output (similar to that in project management software) that shows these relationships, as in the example below, makes the process flow much easier to follow in job shop scheduling environments. Multiple constraints are also necessary to model the multi pallet machining centers that are often found in job shops. Job shop scheduling software that makes use of advanced planning and scheduling technology will give you all of this capability. As the data is captured on the job, you can communicated to your customer progress on the job and share test results. It features condition reports that serve as a guide for shop personnel to follow for each particular repair. Every business is unique and MotorBase can be customized to match the specific needs of your motor shop.

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