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Unemployment rates are improving, which means more and more people are actually finding work-and many of them have job search sites to thank for landing their new gig.
We asked you earlier in the week which job sites were your favorite, and whether you preferred job sites that were clearing houses of available job opportunities or professional networking sites that offered you a chance to connect with an employer before applying to work at their company. Indeed gets over a billion new job searches every month, and many people refer to it as the Google of job searching. Though it may seem like many of the job opportunities in the United States have dried up as of late, you can find a wealth of job postings on the Web that may be right up your alley.
Yahoo Hot Jobs - Yahoo's job listings includes numerous listings for jobs at startups, most of them seem to be centered on the technical side. - A small jobs board with unique listings that you can search by type of job or occupation. For more, please follow us on: Facebook, Google+, or TwitterOnline job boards have been around for quite a long time. Nine to Five: this job theme offers AJAX live filtering, 8 color schemes, 2 skins, and a responsive design.
JobRoller: a job board theme that lets job hunters post their resume, update their profile, and more. JobEngine: another job theme for those of you looking to build a premium job search website. With the current economic conditions many people in just about every industry are looking for jobs. In addition to our job board, there are a number of other niche specific places to look for work. Sensational Jobs offers full-time and freelance listings for web designers and professionals.
You can find many styles of jobs including marketing, advertising, design, and development.

Authentic Jobs focuses exclusively on design and development, and there are a good number of listings. Ars Technica includes a large selection of IT and programming jobs, with a smaller, but still decent, number of jobs in the design category. Creative Hotlist is a rather large job board that includes jobs in a variety of creative fields, including design and development.
PureDesignResources is an aggregator and includes a column that shows listings from several job boards. The SitePoint Marketplace changed into Flippa Classifieds which keeps a number of the same jobs.
True, but the purpose of this list was to point out niche-specific resources aside from the big sites like Craigslist, Monster, and Career Builder.
The opportunity for online jobs are greatly increasing due to the demands of high productivity at a lower cost. Another great Web job site that aggregates most of the major job sites into a single (very long) list. The site has more of a ‘design’ focus than web specifically, caters predominantly for the UK market and looks the business! We've rounded up all of your votes, and here are your top picks for finding a new job or career.
The site allows you to post your resume, search jobs in your area, apply to thousands of opportunities from multiple job listing sites, newspapers, corporate websites, and job boards. If you're looking for a job in tech, entry or senior level, initiate or experienced, Dice is one site that should be part of your job search. Your visitors get to browse jobs, post new ones, share their resume, apply online, and more. Plenty of freelancers run blogs and often launch their own job boards on top of these websites.

In this gallery I’ve put together some popular job boards which you can find both freelance and full-time work. There is a good variety of freelance and full-time jobs, as well as both design and development.
Users must pay $7 per month to get access to contact information for those posting the jobs. Most companies outsource their job requirements in order to meet up with the viewers’ satisfaction and to ensure that the customers are well provided with quality services online. It has one of the largest job listing databases on the web, and does a great job of filtering out duplicates and removing spam. Your mileage may vary based on locale, but it's more likely that when you respond to the job listing you'll actually strike up a conversation with the hiring manager instead of a recruiting firm.
The site has thousands of tech jobs listed from some of the country's biggest companies like Hewlett Packard, Google, and Microsoft. The site features millions of job postings, hosts the resumes of millions more, and has mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.
You may not have the resources to challenge the top players in this space, but starting a niche job board for your audience is another way to better serve your community.
Last week the job board was launched to give employers a free place to post jobs, and to help designers and developers find the right opportunities.
Skilled graphic designers can design all different types of sites, but developers may need very specific skills for a certain job.

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