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The following websites provide students with a variety of very valuable resources when it comes to landing that first job.
Monster College offers a job search just like the one offered on Monster's core website, but in the college section, students will also find articles and advice about getting internships, polishing resumes, and other career advice. Snag a JobStudents don't only need work after college, they also need to find paying jobs that will help them earn their way through college.
Snagajob is a website focused on helping students get started in their dream jobs right away, even before college. Career RookieCareer Rookie is an aptly named website, because it is focused entirely on helping "rookies" in any career find their first job.
College RecruiterCollege Recruiter has the tagline "college career connector", because that's exactly what the site seeks to do - connect recent college graduates with their future careers.
Like Career Rookie, the job listings are quite as high in volume as other websites, but as a resource specifically listing entry-level job opportunities, it is a good site to add to your list of places to search. There are lots of entry-level positions listed on the site, but like the other smaller search engines listed in this article, the goal of using this tool is to be willing to relocate to just about any part of the world where the opportunity arises.
The hidden job market is growing dramatically and we feel we offer value to be one of your early partners in your job needs. Job seekers who are informed know that they need to be on LinkedIn to find a job and have professional validation. How the selected top 100 Career Websites - This was the second year that Forbes created this list in 2012 naming 75 sites and now in 2013 naming 100 plus some honorable mentions. Encore Career Finder – This service, powered by Prime CB, scours more than 5 million listings for encore-friendly jobs.
AARP – The membership organization for people 50 and older lists jobs from various sectors.
Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group – This search firm lists a few prime positions at nonprofits. Benefits of job board aggregators The main reason for you to use an aggregator is that you will search through all jobs in one go.
Here are the Top 100 Career Websites of 2013 (alphabetically):Check the N's for Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA Inc.

Beyond the ceremonies and speeches, at graduation, students are faced with the life-changing prospect of finding their first job. Some of the sites offer resume tips and advice, useful articles, and of course a job search engine that is focused primarily on entry-level jobs or promising internships.
The job listings at US Jobs are very detailed, and include the Department of the Government with the opening, the grade level of the position, whether it's full time or temporary, and even the potential salary range for the position.
Monster is probably the largest, most comprehensive list of jobs that are available in the United States.
This section is also where college and university career centers can turn to for resources to offer their students for finding jobs.
This is a website for "student jobs", and it even includes articles and tips on subjects like how students can balance their job and their education in a healthy way. Career Rookie isn't quite as comprehensive in job listings as some of the much larger job search websites out there, but if you are looking for a new job and don't mind moving to any part of the world for that entry-level role, then this is a great resource for you. From the main page you can just search by job title and location, or you can click on "Advanced Job Search" and seek that entry-level dream job by more search terms. Keeping an open mind and maintaining geographic flexibility will go a long way toward landing that dream job. Visit them often, polish up your resume and cover letter, and start sending out your job applications to every opportunity that looks promising to you. Jobvite stating that 97% of recruiters see LinkedIn as the most popular place to vet candidates for their open positions.
Although is not a job matching service, we have compiled websites and resources helpful for encore career seekers. If they waited, then at graduation they will be faced with entering into the professional job market cold.
Monster understands the value of having an effective job search tool upon graduating college, so it instituted a new section of the website called Monster College. To taper the list down to 100, my colleague Susan Adams and I combed through the stack and hand-picked the sites we thought our readers would find most compelling and useful for things like job listings, facts and figures, and career insights and guidance. The comprehensive search will pull up results from job boards, newspaper’s job sections, company career pages, recruiter sites and more.

It looks and feels just like Indeed but SimplyHired has more add-on applications that connects you to social media for easy sharing and research on the jobs you find. Many are judging people in jobs and candidates for jobs as to what their knowledge of social media networking is and if you do not have at least 500+ connections and are in 45+ groups you are exposed as someone not understanding how to network in today's technological and social media world. You want to insure just like your resume that your LinkedIn Profile has the keywords that are needed to find you when a recruiter is using this tool for a search to fill a position. Instead of hopping through 10 job boards per day, just use your favourite aggregator and rest assured that you have all bases covered. This tool is useful for job seekers to see which hashtags are most effective to their job search efforts, and which aren’t. Simply type a hashtag into the search box and will generate a spiffy interactive diagram that also displays other hashtags that are closely related to the one you originally searched. The site also includes resources like a basic salary calculator, tips for using social media to find a public sector job and a comprehensive list of professional associations for public sector employees.
Dice also reports technology news and dishes out career advice, and the site currently has a database of over 82,000 tech positions. The site features job seeker tips and career advice provided by experts, as well as 116,619 high quality entry-level and internship career opportunities. Employees and job seekers can anonymously review their companies, interview experiences, CEOs, salaries, and more. The site lets you pair your resume with a video pitch so employers can see you, your personality, and understand why you are the best fit for the job. The largest professional social networking site, it has more than 225 million members in 200-some countries worldwide.
Recruiters and hiring managers use ten-year-old LinkedIn more than any other website to connect with job candidates. Launched in 2011, the site allows group members to assist each other with their job search, to offer support, and to help with personal and professional networking.

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