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Resume Maker searches thousands of job sites and companies, to provide you with the best job search results. Job Feeder Gadget allows you to search for available jobs without having to visit the Internet through your browser.
This slim, new gadget sits on your desktop and searches for jobs that meet your criteria, as they are posted online by employers. Job Feeder Gadget sits on your desktop and notifies you whenever a new job is posted online.
Resume Maker earns well-deserved kudos for its tight integration with online job-hunting resources. The Job Feeder lets you know when jobs are available that fit your criteria so you can apply right away.
Unemployment numbers are sky high, but there is a silver lining: there are lots of great online resources to help job seekers find work. In addition to being arguably the best-known global job-listings site, Monster also offers advice on resumes, interviewing, and salary information.
Oodle, which specializes in online classifieds, includes a job classifieds section that finely cuts job opportunities down to job title, category, industry, and company. SimplyHired is similar to Indeed, as it also aggregates listings from major job Web sites, newspapers, company Web sites, and associations.

As one of the biggest job sites on the Web, HotJobs distinguishes itself by focusing on features such as status (which shows how many times one's resume has been viewed) and the ability to block companies from seeing your resume.
But if heading into your cube farm made you cry every morning, and you can't stand the idea of doing it all over again from the bottom up, then take this time off to really find what it is you're looking for in a job.
There are so many great job search tools available online that people often have a hard time not being overloaded by information. See the newest job openings before anyone else and be the first to apply to new job openings. I was able to land a great job in the medical field - at the right salary and close to home. Its expansive niche database allows users to find compatible job listings more easily than with general sites. However, the site goes a little deeper and allows users to send their resumes out for posting on five other sites for free. The site has partnered with companies like 7 Eleven, Red Lobster, and AMF, to bring the most up-to-date hourly job openings.
Users input their work experience and qualifications and the site matches results to what info they have given. Staying organized is the key to making sure that you never overlook the perfect job opportunity.

Trovix also has an innovative feature called Job Map, which allows you to type in your location and see on Google Maps how many jobs are available in your area. With the government looking to significantly increase spending during the next few years, looking at federal jobs might not be a bad move if you're in a tough place. There are industry-specific search engines and alumni job sites, but if you really want to get the biggest bang for your job-searching buck, there are only a few websites that fit the bill.
What you might not realize is how effective and helpful these sites can be; job-search websites offer services that go far beyond just searching for open job opportunities.
While we should not completely forgo traditional job-searching methods or entirely forget about industry specific sites, the internet has provided us with many different options that have definitely made our lives easier. As someone seeking employment, you should really consider visiting as many job fairs as you can; the opportunity to meet potential employers face-to-face is invaluable.
If you’re not the type of person who likes to read, they have a CareerTV section where you can search for videos by industry, career or job-type categories.

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