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Facebook's press release cited the flagging economy as the inspiration for the job search app.
Earlier this month, the Labor Department's monthly jobs report showed that the economy added 171,000 jobs in October.
Facebook touted its own ability to help in the recruiting field: About half of employers "are using Facebook in their hiring process," according to Social Jobs Partnership research, and 54 percent of those polled said that they expect the social network will become a more important part of hiring in the future. The Social Jobs App marks a shift for Facebook, which has historically focused on personal networking. Nearly 90 percent of companies say that Facebook has decreased the amount of print advertising needed with regards to their recruiting efforts, making Facebook a cost-effective way to find new talent. Of companies using Facebook to acquire new employees, more than half state the importance of networking and referrals. How to Use Facebook's Job Search AppLike most job websites and applications, you can narrow down the type of job you're looking for by keyword, category, subcategory and location, (specifying the mile radius you're willing to travel).

Facebook is jumping into the job search space, with a job search app that includes listings from services like Monster and BranchOut.
In that spirit, we know that the power of social media -- the connections between friends, family and community -- can have an outsized impact on finding jobs," Facebook wrote. LinkedIn has positioned itself as the king of professional networking, but if the Social Jobs App takes off, Facebook could become a more direct competitor. A majority (54 percent) already using the social network and anticipates Facebook becoming a more important part of the talent-acquisition process in the near future. The number-one suggestion by recruiters (87 percent) is for candidates using Facebook to Like a desired company's Facebook page, followed by using Facebook as a networking tool. After you add your job specifications and click "Search Jobs," Facebook will return a list of matching job openings. The Social Jobs App, which launched Wednesday, currently includes 1.7 million job listings.

Department of Labor, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the DirectEmployers Association and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies to produce a new Facebook app to let you find and share employment opportunities. It's part of the Social Jobs Partnership initiative, which Facebook formed in October 2011 in conjunction with the U.S.
Clicking on the job title gives you a quick rundown of the job specifics, such as the location and team, and a button to click that will send you to the recruiter's website for more details.

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