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Following a brief and wireframes supplied by Careers24 (part of MIH Internet Africa and the Naspers Group), Bluegrass pitched and were selected to design and develop a new mobile application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry 6+ devices. Mo check-in for #movember :) our Director & his moustache are smiling because it's #Friday!
Its specification lies in its ability to provide access to the job classifieds and ads powered by Craigslist through small and medium sized campaigns who look out for local candidates. Get the shortest commute possible and work somewhere so close that you can go home for lunch and walk your dogs.

Their search technology has been perfected by years of Silicon Valley engineering and filters out results that aren’t relevant to your specific search.
Just enter in criteria for your dream job and Monster will alert you when that job gets posted. Other great features include job alerts, apply from app functionality and the ability to create a resume from your connected LinkedIn profile. These 10 smartphone apps will make your job search process more optimized, easier and even fun.

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