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Online Networking is a very effective tool that cannot be ignored in the progressively, hyper competitive job market. If you are presently employed, then posting for a job search might harm your current employment status. We all know the fact that an online presence can increase the visibility in the job market, but it can also kill the chance of getting a job. College students prepping for life after graduation may want to take a closer look at their social networking profiles before they lose out on potential jobs.
With an increasing amount of employers conducting online background checks for potential job candidates, students are being forced to think twice about what actions they make when posting on social media sites.
According to the survey, 55 percent of employers cited inappropriate photos as the cause of rejection, 56 percent attributed inappropriate written text by both the candidate and their friends, while 58 percent claimed questionable lifestyle data on the candidate was enough to nix them from job contention. As a result of the increase in employers using online profile pages to judge the character of potential job candidates, a number of young professionals have turned to abandoning social networking media in fear of being negatively evaluated. However, avoiding social networking as a whole could put employee-hopefuls at a disadvantage as well. Jerry Thomas, an OSU faculty member in the Department of Human and Community Resource Development, works with organizations to integrate technology and social networking media into their workflow.
Thomas feels users who attempt to avoid using social networking sites could be excluding themselves from a huge advantage over their predecessors. With Spring Quarter graduation looming, many students planning to make the jump from student to professional a smoother process are evaluating how online reputation will affect their job placement.

Last week, I collaborated with a fellow AIESECer for a presentation on the use of social media in the job search process.
We’ve also pointed out some caveats about social media that every job seeker should know. Maintain your relationships via social networks and face-to-face meetings even after you get a job. In the slide where we talk about which social networking sites students should be joining, for example, the spectrum will look very different for an aspiring photographer.
The content of your presentation is great and widely applicable to job seekers in general–not just students or recent graduates. Various social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can help people in finding their new job.
Sites such as LinkedIn, Apps on and Facebook allow you to show off your educational details, skills, work history and awards. The big problem lies in signing up with every social media site and quickly growing tired of all the time they are spending on them. If the company that you are currently working for learns of your job search, your job might be at risk.
A high number of industry veterans are finding themselves in competition with younger job applicants, in an economy still reeling from recession. Meet new people via social media, but also continue to meet people face-to-face via informational interviews, by volunteering, attending networking events, getting an internship, etc.

Finding jobs, connecting, communicating, and collaborating with successful individuals is a rising phenomenon of online professionals. The job seekers can then get to know all the professional and personal details of the recruiters, and this information can prove to be helpful during the course of the interview. Many sites aggregate content and making it simple for the job seekers to search for any specific job. Thus, you might not be able to connect to these companies if you use social media for job searches. The face of recruitment is changing and hiring managers are the first ones to peep into the social networking profiles in an effort to locate the best candidate.
There is no such aggregator for social networking sites and thus users face a lot of frustration. Make sure you know how to operate social networking technology leveraging it to your advantage.

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