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Afghan American actor Fahim Fazli, who stars in the new film “Rock the Kasbah” has a message for President Obama on keeping U.S. The page has since been taken down, but this unexpectedly off-brand moment for Lululemon is an opportunity for marketers to re-evaluate their own messaging. In Vancouver, about 6 blocks from their global head office, at their Kitsilano retail location in the very heart of yogaville, their entire storefront remains splattered with "CEO wanted" messaging. Still, the "CEO Wanted" message tried to be sarcastic in a lighthearted way, but it came across as disdainful. But communicating the idea via an over-the-top CEO job description seems bitter and defensive.

Still, I've had plenty of their target market (and fellow marketing professionals) sharing their glee for the "CEO wanted" message on my LinkedIn and Facebook, for what that's worth.
Your interpretation is ridiculously sensitive, I do not believe that customers have been "turned off" by the message at all. This includes content, imagery, timing, tone, word choice, word order, context, marketing channel, and more. When you strike a good balance with content, tone, timing, and channel distribution, you can confidently deliver brand messaging that resonates with your customer. I was aware of the recent product recall due to fabric quality issues but not that the CEO had unexpectedly resigned, so seeing these signs plastered over my local Lululemon store just seemed like a confusing (and rather flippant) recruitment campaign.

Although the outrage at the company for letting quality slip is a far more serious issue, and I suspect the company, and the outgoing CEO, got the message.

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