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Buzzfeed’s Doree Shafrir remarks upon the psychology of waiting in line, noting first that the internet has eliminated some of the physical ones. Those make good examples of the handful of stuff we will still voluntarily wait in line for, for recreational purposes—dining and entertainment events. The not-rich, which is most of us, will wait in line for bargain-priced products at sale events. These jobs are good career fields, but it is not always easy finding a job or an open position if you must re-trained anew. As the economy is shifting and ever changing, rather than be dependent, become pro-active, consider your choices, and be open to making decisions to creating your own job.

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Of course, we wait in line to pay for the goods we would like to purchase from various sellers. Millions will wait in lines longer than any city block when there is a spiritual purpose to do so. This is waiting in tedium, these are the lines we hate, that add nothing to our lives but an understanding of patience.
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Show me a picture of large numbers of white people standing in a job line, like those blacks are doing.

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