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For specific positions, the applicant may be required to undergo a medical examination to determine his or her ability to perform the duties of the job.
USPS employees who are required to drive as part of their duties are required to have a safe driving record. Once a job seeker has found a position he or she is interested in applying for, they can click on the job title to learn more. Applicants interested in working for the USPS are asked to complete a Pre-Employment Screening and Release form.

Job applicants who are interested in being hired as a motor vehicle operator or a tractor-trailer operator are asked to complete a Motor Vehicle Operator and Tractor-Trailer Operator Assessment Worksheet. People who are interested in job openings at the USPS should set up an online profile and check the Employment section of the company web site for postings they are qualified for. It is not a requirement for the job seeker to complete and submit it, but failing to do so my mean the individual is not given the same level of consideration for available USPS job openings as a person who has provided information about all names they have used and where they have lived for the past five years. Candidates are invited to search for available USPS job openings by visiting the USPS Employment web site.

The individual's information is stored electronically, and is automatically filled in on the forms when the job seeker signs back into the site.

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