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Talk2Rep – There is no prior experience needed to become a chat agent for Talk2Rep, although any chat or sales experience you do have is considered a plus. Language Development System – You can get started as an ESL tutor for Language Development System without prior experience in the industry (although prior experience is a plus), but you will need a college degree or at least be working on a college degree to be considered. Brainfuse – No past tutoring experience required, but they do require a four-year college degree to qualify to tutor for them.
Reasoning Mind – No experience needed, but you do have to either have or be working toward a college degree. Also, many of these companies offer more than one work from home position, so the required experience might vary depending on what they have available. Accolade Support – No past customer service experienced needed to apply, but they do prefer if you have a certain skill set. NexRep – This company is often hiring for a variety of different customer service and sales positions.
Working Solutions – This company does not list any prior call center or customer service experience on their jobs landing page, just some preferred skills they want you to have.
AdviseTech – Does not list any required experience for their part-time telemarketing jobs. I have already broken down the transcription companies that require no past experience on this page (the first section). Language Line – They are frequently hiring work from home interpreters for various languages. LiveWorld – It may be possible to get in here without past moderation experience, although they do prefer if you have it. Writing is one of the easiest work from home industries to break into because fortunately most of the places you can write for tend to be more interested in how well you can write rather than how many other writing jobs you’ve had.
Content Divas – If you can impress them enough with a writing sample, you may be able to get taken on as a writer for this company.

Demand Media – I got in here when I had no past freelance writing experience, and so have many others.
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Those of us who are seeking work-at-home work precisely BECAUSE we can’t pass employment credit checks or reference checks or work experience requirements, BEWARE.
Now hiring entry level reps no experience needed- WILL TRAIN is a Sales Now Hiring Entry Level Reps No Job at Excel Network located in Port Charlotte FL. Please comment below if you know if other companies that don’t require past experience. It doesn’t look like you need experience to be considered, but be warned that no one starts off here making much money, either.
You don’t need prior experience, but you do need to have at least a two-year college degree. There are no prior experience requirements listed on their website or on their application for employment.
This is another one with less-than-stellar reviews from workers, but you don’t need experience to get started.
They will consider people with no past customer service experience although they do prefer if you have it. They don’t always have a need for workers and they only have projects occasionally throughout the year. Past experience isn’t necessary, they will train you to do the job if they decide to hire you.
You will need to take a test to get listed here to be eligible to take work, but it doesn’t look like you have to have past experience.
You have to have some pretty specific skills, but it doesn’t look like you have to be an experienced interpreter to qualify.

You may be able to land some translation jobs as long as you are fluent in your language, though experience would probably help you get higher-paying work.
You don’t need experience, but you will have to pass a difficult skills test prior to accepting any work. The job description never says anything about past moderation experience, although there are other skills listed. I used to do quite a bit of work for the company and so, can speak from personal experience. During the time that I worked for them I received several reviews of my articles from the Textbroker editors in which they explained that they had rated one of my articles with a 3 instead of 4 because, in their opinion, I didn’t use the best phrasing for some concept that I was describing.
Currently we have 4 positions available for 3rd party outside reps, no experience needed we will train.
Find other listings like Now hiring entry level reps no experience needed- WILL TRAIN by searching Oodle for Sales Now Hiring Entry Level Reps No Jobs. Some of the companies will say on their requirements that you need a college degree, but many people do end up getting hired without that. Due to the nature of the editors on this site, I would advise anyone who is new to freelance writing on the web not to bother with Textbroker, mainly because I feel that the antics of the editors there can be very discouraging to new writers. You can see a preview of the current entry-level positions that don’t require past experience here.

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