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CareerXroads released its annual source of hire report this week and, as usual, the report is full of information about the broader talent acquisition landscape.
While internal hires accounted for the most hires in 2012, most people take that for granted. For external hires, referrals were nearly overtaken as the top source of external hire, accounting for 24.5% of hires.
From those three, source of hire stats drops of significantly with other sources being the top of those below the double digit mark.
As you can see in the chart on the left, the most effective social media site that impacts hiring is clearly LinkedIn. When working as a contract recruiter, I often contact candidates whose resumes appear on a job board.
As has been pointed out a number of times on here, the reality is that many sources have a part to play in many hires. On average, a candidate will touch 14.5 different resources in their job search and 70% of candidates do so before hitting APPLY. In May, 2011 CarerBuilder and Inavero conducted a study of 4,500 job seekers to learn more about job seeking behavior in the digital age.
Can’t wait to see the reactions of people when technology takes these ridiculous job boards, and 3rd party recruiters and throw them down the drain. Almost everyone in recruiting agrees that employee referrals produce the highest quality of hire (i.e. Overall, the SilkRoad results show job boards accounting for a high percentage of hires that aren’t either internal candidates, referred by employees, or come through the company career site. What SilkRoad found is that 55 percent of the total hires came from three sources: internal employee candidates, employee referrals, and company career sites. Interestingly, the most recent source of hire study to be released — and the only one that has been publicly released for over a decade – tracks surprisingly well in some areas with what SilkRoad found.
They reported their results differently, for instance counting employee referrals and corporate sites as sources of external hires and reporting the results individually.

HR teams are being asked to do their jobs in a very different organizational environment and do them more quickly than before The world’s biggest firms are bigger than they’ve ever been, and run by more decentralized decision-making. Here are the Top 10 ways to guarantee that you hire exactly the wrong person: You don’t have a clear picture of exactly which mental and physical capacities, attitudes, personality traits, and skills you need to hire.
The number of job openings was little changed at 5.2 million on the last business day of June 2015. In June, there were 1,151,000 job openings, 1,029,000 hires, and 965,000 total separations in professional and business services. New data from iCIMS, a leading talent acquisition software and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provider, shows its clients hire more people from Indeed than from all other job sites combined. Two ATS providers have now published data that shows Indeed is the #1 external source of hire for nearly 2,000 employers. By a long margin, LinkedIn job posts and using the LinkedIn Recruiter product seems to have the best results out of any of those.
When candidates come to your front-page you are dependent on them selecting the right job(s) to apply for. I’d also like to see more gtranular information on this study, particularly (which positions tend to be hired through which sources. I live in a household with two job seekers, myself being one, and the pattern is that a role may be seen on a jobboard, but the very next step is straight to the homepage of the company with the vacancy. My experience is will be a healthy mix of social media, Google, direct and campaign driven eg Job Boards. Job Seekers will begin their search on Google (which averages 300+ million job related searches monthly), next they will click on either a job board, aggregator or company website ONLY if on first page.
Surely my resume will be at the top of the stack of resume instead of the bottom if I apply through a job board or aggregator.
Released last month by the talent consultancy CareerXroads, the study found job boards provided a high percentage of all external hires.
Yet, they found that internal candidates, employee referrals, and corporate career sites combined accounted for about 63 percent of the hires.

Still, when it came to job boards, their results show Indeed accounts for slightly more hires than does CareerBuilder, while Monster, Craigslist, and SimplyHired provide fewer hired candidates.
In fact, some are worried that work itself will soon disappear, leading to a “social transformation” that would overturn the economy and make jobs obsolete. In education and health services, there were 990,000 job openings, 584,000 hires, and 539,000 total separations. Earlier this year, SilkRoad published data from its ATS showing Indeed provided its clients with more hires than any other external recruitment source. While social media wasn’t necessarily a strong source of hire in their reports, employers believed that social media helped drive and influence other sources of hire (in fact, 7 out of the 11, according to the report). I think we’d all like to be able to dive more granularly into the social media data and see for certain (or more close to certain) how much of an impact it really plays in hiring. But few are aware that the references provided by new hires, with little work, can also provide outstanding referrals. Candidates today are actively pursuing their next career move and are connected to web and mobile search all the time, which is why it is critical your job description stands out.
In the construction industry, there were 143,000 job openings, 333,000 hires, and 348,000 total separations, including quits and layoffs. So yes, it is likely that the Career Site numbers are bolstered by Job Boards and the numbers here don’t tell the whole story. In retail trade, there were 539,000 job openings, 792,000 hires, and 762,000 total separations. More charts featuring data on job openings, hires, and employment separations are in Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey Highlights: June 2015 (PDF). Indeed provided eight times more hires than the leading professional networking site, LinkedIn.

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