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Sync your resumes, cover letters, saved jobs, and applied-to jobs with your CareerBuilder account. Take your job search with you wherever you go—and never miss out on a prime job opportunity again. Once you zero in on a hot job, apply instantly on your phone with just two taps of your finger. Recent searches are remembered so that you can quickly find what you’re looking for each time you search without having to enter your criteria over and over again.

You can view all of the new jobs that have been added since your last search, and you can save or email your favorite job postings. With the Monster app you can search and apply for jobs anytime, anywhere, and keep up to date with the latest job opportunities while you’re on the go. The application automatically syncs with your online account, providing easy access to your resumes, job applications, cover letters, job alerts, and more. Leave us a comment and tell us about the application you chose and how it helped you put together a great resume, find a job, or prepare for an interview.

We take a look at every suggestion and we’ll update this post with the other great apps that we come across.

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