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This recruitment agency boasts shorter search cycles which is a win-win for all parties involved: companies find their right fit sooner and hopeful applicants are placed with their dream job quicker as well. This agency has access to a “hidden job market” which essentially means that they have exclusive rights to a pool of jobs that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible to the general public. With offices located in some of Canada’s biggest and best cities, we’re talking Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax, Summit Search Group offers its clients national job placement to make sure all avenues and all opportunities are being fully exhausted. There are two major services that this agency offers that is sure to set them apart in a job seeker’s eyes. Training and Development Centre: In today’s job market, landing a job is all about setting yourself apart from the competition. Once you’ve found a great job, take a look at Navut’s Neighborhood Finder to find your ideal neighborhood, close to work!

Whether you are straight out of university, or looking for your next challenge, rest assured that Navut has you covered on all the best recruiting agencies Winnipeg has to offer. In simple terms, “hidden job market” means that by partnering with Houston Recruiting Services Ltd., you know you are ensuring maximum exposure and success. With a super user-friendly website, this recruitment agency makes finding the right job at the tip of your fingertips (literally).
With over 30 offices in Canada scattered over 9 provinces, ManpowerGroup is definitely worth checking out if you are navigating the job market. These valuable tools can help you build and perfect a resume, prepare and ace interviews and land and hold your dream job. We want to make sure that finding your new career is as easy and seamless as possible, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of agencies whose sole purpose is to help match you (and all your super-awesome-qualities, skills and capabilities) with an equally amazing company that is eager to welcome you with open arms.

These people are known as recruiters, or headhunters, and work for recruiting agencies that specialize in matching the right person to the right position.
If you’re looking for other job-related information, be sure to check out our Top 5 Canadian Job Sites, our Top January Networking Events in Canada so you don’t miss out on any great professional opportunities this month and if you’re a Montrealer, hop on over to the Top 5 Recruiting Agencies in Montreal. We at Navut have put together a trusty, handy-dandy-guide of the top 5 recruiting agencies in Winnipeg that are waiting to turn your dream job into a reality!

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