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For many people, the best way to lead a happy and fulfilling life is to spend their time helping other people.
Here is a list of ten jobs that are great for people who want to spend their careers helping others. Every day, thousands of people rely on firefighters to help them in situations where their property, life, or environment is in danger. If you want a job that’s in incredibly high demand and provides opportunities to help people, a career as a registered nurse might be perfect for you. When an adult wants to improve their reading, writing, or English skills, they attend a class that’s taught by an adult literacy teacher. After suffering an injury or an illness, some people seek out the help of a physical therapist to help them increase their strength, improve their mobility, or relieve their pain. Substance abuse counselors provide treatment and support to people who suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Over the past seven years, Rebecca has helped secure more than $200 million in federal funding for family-based rehab programs. Subscribe to O, The Oprah Magazine for up to 72% OFF what others pay on the newsstand — that's like getting 19 FREE issues! When elderly people need to find care, unemployed people need to find work, or a child needs to find a foster home, social workers are there to help.
Not only do they fight fires, they are also frequently the first responders to scenes of heart attacks, car accidents, and other emergencies that don’t involve fire.
By providing this support, counselors are able to help students meet their academic goals and thrive socially. By responding quickly and providing exceptional care until they reach the hospital, paramedics are able to save people’s lives on a regular basis.
To help, physical therapists use many different modalities including stretching techniques, specialized exercises, hot and cold treatments, and massage therapy.

By providing people in need with help and access to resources that they might not otherwise be aware of, social workers are able to have a meaningful impact on the lives of many people. The job can be very difficult, but substance abuse counselors are in a very good position to have a profound impact on the lives of their patients.
And though students don’t always know it, counselors do a lot of work to help them succeed, even if they only rarely meet. If you thrive under pressure and want a career where you can help people on a regular basis, then working as a police officer might be a good choice.

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