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Exercise critical judgement in the application and interpretation of statistical techniques in psychological investigation in cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Demonstrate a critical understanding of theory and practice in the selective areas of psychology and in research methods.
Give evidence of an enquiring, problem-oriented mind with sufficient awareness of the critical research and applications in psychology to enable successful pursuit of postgraduate work in psychology and related disciplines. Besides conceptual knowledge, psychology graduates have also acquired substantial knowledge and practice at applying empirical methods, particularly that of controlled experiments but also of designing and using questionnaires, and to a lesser extent interviews and other methods. The nature of psychology as a discipline Every academic subject carries with it a particular approach to understanding -- the discipline -- which varies widely from subject to subject, but which a graduate often tends to carry over in approaching other areas of work. If you are interested in becoming a psychologist, you can expect a career in a field that is anticipated to grow more quickly than most jobs.[i] Some jobs for psychology majors will have more growth than others. Various jobs for psychology majors have a range of high and low psychology salary averages.
The clinical psychology job outlook is expected to grow 20 to 28 percent by 2020 and the median wage in 2012 was $67,650. The world of business has discovered that psychologists can help them with projects such as marketing, product development and even human resources. If you enjoy working with children, a job as a school psychologist may be the right career for you. Depending on your interest, jobs for psychology majors are available in a variety of specialties and fields.
A degree in psychology provides an excellent foundation for pursuing a career in many fields.
Sometimes called account executives or advertising sales representatives, sales agents’ main job duty is to sell ad space to businesses and individuals.

A job as a psychiatric technician may lead to work as an occupational therapy aide or more advanced work in social and human services.
A job as a career counselor can lead to a position as a school counselor, academic advisor or human resources specialist. Working as a probation officer can lead to a career as a community organizer, mental health and drug abuse counselor or other positions within social work and human services. This is why industrial-organizational psychology can be considered the most popular psychology job on the market and job growth is expected to be up 29 percent by 2020. The skills you can gain with an education in psychology, including problem-solving and critical thinking, are usually required for most jobs in psychology.
However, the fact of the matter is that only 25 percent of graduates with a degree in psychology go on to work in the field.
The tools and skills learned while studying psychology include critical thinking, research, writing and communication.
About half follow job paths that are unconnected with Psychology.Since Psychology is about people and develops excellent transferrable skills such as critical thinking, it can be applied to most non-specialised areas of employment.
However, clinical psychologists, counselors and school psychologists can also expect an increased demand for their services. It is also the first step in taking a postgraduate qualification to work in the main areas of psychology such as Clinical, Educational and Occupational.
Career counselors may help clients who are just starting out in the workforce or who are looking for a career change. New areas such as Counselling, Sports Psychology, Health Psychology and Forensic Psychology are also possible. They may instruct clients on how to write an effective resume, how to resolve problems with their boss or coworkers, or how to select the correct educational opportunities to receive the accreditation and certification necessary for their desired job.

This view of the general intellectual character of psychology also points to its distinctive features as a discipline. Perhaps more important for its value as a general education, however, is that psychology frequently forces us to deal simultaneously with fundamentally different kinds of evidence (whatever the preferences of individual research specialists). Get the very best undergraduate Psychology degree you can because everything is competitive.Step 2. Use it to get onto a postgraduate course that trains and teaches in the area that you want to specialise in.These courses are delivered through universities usually and offer a postgraduate degree such as a Masters Child Psychology or a Psy D (Psychology Doctorate) in Clinical psychology.
Get the very best undergraduate Psychology degree you can because everything is competitive (3-4 years).Step 2. Many Psychology graduates wish to undertake a career in research which involves obtaining a PhD. A wide range of psychological difficulties may be dealt with, including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, learning disabilities, child and family problems, and serious mental illness. To assess a client, a clinical psychologist may undertake a clinical assessment using a variety of methods including psychometric tests, interviews and direct observation of behaviour. Most Clinical Psychologists work in the National Health Service (NHS), which has a clearly defined career structure, but some work in private practice. The work is often directly with people, either individually or in groups, assessing their needs and providing therapies based on psychological theories and research.
Clinical Psychology is a rapidly developing field and contributing to the literature through research is very important.

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