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As quietly as it was shut down two weeks ago, Service Canada’s national job bank has reopened. By Monday morning, there were a total of 28,162 jobs posted on the site, indicating it was back in full operation. For Niagara region job seeker Lynn Elliott, it was a relief that the site was back up after a frustrating two weeks in her search for an office administration position. However, because of the growth of alternative free sites, the shutdown may have had less impact on job seekers and potential employers than it might have a couple of years ago said Julie Labrie, vice-president of operations for Blue Sky Personnel Solutions Service in Toronto, which recruits for entry and mid-level and temporary staffing.
Her company found that other sites and social media offer blank templates and unlimited words, “so as a recruiter I can upload any job description and get responses in real time, at no cost, with minimal effort. In order to stay relevant, Julie Cole, co-founder of Hamilton-based children’s label company Mabel’s Labels Inc, suggested that Service Canada be more open and interactive with job bank users. We’re all looking for jobs that fit our previous education, personal interests, goals, desires and passions in life. TalentEgg is a job search site designed specifically for university and post-university students who are stuck in their job hunt. For the radical hipster, social activist, fervent foodie, or generally kind soul, Charity Village is a comprehensive list of employment opportunities for people searching for a job in the non-profit sector. One of the largest online recruitment and career management industries in Canada, Workopolis has extensive resources to help write a strong resume, calculate potential salaries, and alert you to possible jobs that fit with your needs and talents. Neuvoo is a Canadian job search engine that indexes jobs directly from companies’ career websites, placement agencies and job boards.
Toronto Youth Employment Services (YES) is an easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate job board that lists employment opportunities for youth in the Toronto area. is a Canadian job search engine that allows you to search jobs by industry, location and the length of your contract. Better Canadian Jobs is a new national job board, designed to help you with the job search.
JobCareer allows job seekers to search through jobs from thousands of company recruitment pages and job board sites, upload and manage their resumes which can be discovered by potential employers, and read tips and advice on how to get a job. is an aggregator of job listings that lets you search for existing employment placement services job listings in Ontario. Creative Jobs Canada is targeted specifically to creative, marketing, media, and design professionals to connect them with employers working in those fields. A warning in red on the main search page read: “Valid or legitimate Job Bank ads will not ask for any banking or personal information or for any money deposits. She said her business was not seriously affected by the shutdown because the company also uses other online job boards such as Kijiji and Craig’s List. There are a variety of online job banks that target their services towards a specific type of individual. This Toronto-based organization lists hundreds of internships, co-ops, summer jobs, student jobs, entry level jobs and early career jobs, available to search based on what you are studying. It has a large online job board devoted specifically to students, helping them land entry-level jobs, internships, and co-ops, and regularly posts articles related to job hunting and career prep.
Filled with jobs aimed at the eco-lover, conservationist and environmentalist, this site is an extensive resource for those searching for a good job that they know will please Mother Nature.
We centralise all jobs available on the web to help people find new career opportunities, much like a Google for jobs.

The site provides everything from free job-search services and self-marketing support to job postings for a summer law student program and a stewardship youth ranger program. It divides jobs by province, region, and job category to help you narrow your job search and find something that complements your skills, location and desired salary! The site lists jobs that include everything from office work to lab work and jobs in information technology. In addition to its job board, the site provides advice for youth attempting to start a business, workshops for those hoping to gain more training, and assistance for disadvantaged or low-income youth in the job hunting process. Jobs are filtered by location, employment category, and employer for those seeking out careers in this region. The site also gives you the option of posting your resume or creating job alerts so that you’re notified when a posting comes up relevant to your search. You can post your CV, search through their job database, and contact individuals about the postings that interest you. A spokesperson told The Globe and Mail “a limited but serious security issue was identified on job bank and officials proactively shut the site down to resolve the problem.
She eventually opted for graduate studies at the London School of Economics, and thanks to several career websites in the UK that allowed her to look further into her career options, she found a job.

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