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Industrial cleaning requires more than general office cleaning and if your janitorial services company doesn’t understand that, it could hurt you. The reality is that if your industrial janitorial services take shortcuts with their screening, hiring and training processes, you can bet they’ll take shortcuts everywhere.
As a Facility Manager, you have a janitorial budget that you are bound to so an industrial cleaning company that meets your price is great, but are they also delivering value. A quick look at a number of the national janitorial companies websites can give you an indication of where their heart really lies. Unlike a one-time business transaction like buying a television or a pair of shoes , your janitorial services company and you will have an ongoing business relationship based upon service. If you need help finding a local Michigan janitorial services company that will deliver the facility maintenance you need with the budget you have, let us here at Stathakis help you. Your janitorial services must be aware of the impact their practices can have on both their people and your people. With a quality green clean program including green cleaning products and sustainability practices, your janitorial services can assure the safest parameters that can positively impact everything from allergens, irritants, air quality and more. Sustainability with regard to your janitorial company has one other area many of us don’t regularly consider and that is the individuals employed by your contractor. With over a quarter of a million companies, the janitorial industry consumes large amounts of resources including fuel, water, electricity, chemicals, plastic and paper goods. Here in Michigan, one of our most precious and valuable resources is our Great Lakes and the beauty of our natural surroundings. Tricia is originally from Southgate, Michigan where she attended Schafer High School and later, Henry Ford College and the University of Michigan. Tricia: My days are spent speaking with customers and potential customers, working out janitorial quotes and presenting them.
Tricia: Facilities Managers are having to do multiple jobs, and may not have the time or the information to get it all done.
We’ve had customers in situations where they had to cut janitorial costs by a certain percentage and we were able to help them meet the required cuts by doing things such as centralized trashing, bi-weekly vacuuming, and other Smartclean processes that save money without dramatically reducing the overall quality of your facility services. Partnering With Cleaning Companies in Michigan Is Good For BusinessYou do not need to contract with a national janitorial company to get premier building maintenance. With an overstuffed, national janitorial company, you and your facility are always going to be a small fish in a huge pond. The Battle Between National Janitorial Companies & Cleaning Companies in Michigan There’s a fine line between too big and big enough. What to Look For to Find the Best janitorial services in MichiganYour starting point should always be to examine your janitorial services ideas, practices and systems regarding their people.
Janitorial industry certifications like the ISSA CIMS or Cleaning Services Management Standard can offer a bit of a shortcut when it comes to choosing from prospective commercial cleaning companies.
Average Part Time Janitorial Starting Pay salaries for job postings in Michigan City, IN are 1% higher than average Part Time Janitorial Starting Pay salaries for job postings nationwide. The better industrial janitorial companies will have systems, processes, procedures and even technology at their disposal to create the consistent delivery of industry best practices and top-notch service. Whether it’s illegal subcontracting, failing to do background checks or ill preparing an employee to deliver quality services in your facility, the wrong industrial janitorial company could have far-reaching consequences for you and your organization. For better or for worse, this is the where the heart of a national janitorial company lies. Of course, it’s not that simple, but I will say that local janitorial services hold their customers at the center of their operations.
Local is great but for large facilities with complex cleaning and maintenance needs, a ‘one man and a van’ or ‘mom & pop’ janitorial company is not going to be the right solution.
Green cleaning refers to practices, products and even equipment that minimizing the negative impact of cleaning and janitorial services on both the environment and the humans who come in and out of a facility, be they employees, clients, customers, visitors or others. And with sustainable cleaning practices greener, environmentally friendly products and safer equipment, your janitorial company has their eye on the health and well being of anyone entering your facility. Janitorial companies that offer livable wages extensive training, an inclusive culture, solid benefits and security help create a stability and sustainability within our own communities that truly matters. She lives in Allen Park, Michigan with her husband Charles and their two children, Charlie and Marissa, who are both away from home attending college. Bigger is better in janitorial services only up to a point, and then it either levels out or can even become a hindrance to quality, responsive professional janitorial service.

Even if national janitorial companies want to deliver responsive, personalized, agile service, they simply are not set up to do it.
While the big, national janitorial companies come with some equally big disadvantages, size does matter. When you get janitorial services that are both large and local, you get nearly all of the benefits of both a national janitorial company AND a Michigan commercial cleaning companies.
As a service business, your Michigan cleaning company is dependent upon their front line employees to deliver your services. The ISSA’s CIMS certification offers committed professional janitorial companies the opportunity to demonstrate adherence with best practices in their industry by meeting benchmarks and standards set by the ISSA and janitorial industry leaders.
Finding the right industrial janitorial services can really transform your facility and your workload, that is, if you find the right industrial facility services. Low initial estimates are only useful if you can look at your industrial cleaning quote and know precisely what your janitorial budget can get you with each prospective contractor. The best industrial janitorial companies are willing to work with you to contain and reduce costs. And when it comes to janitorial pricing, while you don’t have to choose the most expensive building maintenance services, you should be wary of industrial janitorial services that offer rates substantially lower than fair pricing quotes offered by experienced and trusted industrial maintenance companies.
As a large local Michigan janitorial company, Stathakis can’t build our business just anywhere. You will find information about how janitorial pricing works and how to make it work for you because we think transparent, upfront pricing is fair and helps you as a Facility Manager find the best value.
Facility manager’s throughout Michigan have come to depend on us to take a little of their plate and make doing there jobs at least a little easier by doing ours.
The best janitorial companies work hard to continually improve their sustainability processes and green practices in order to do their part in minimizing their footprint. Tricia has been a valued team member at Stathakis for six years and her formal responsibilities include sales of janitorial services and special projects, building and maintaining customer relationships, and calling on new prospects. Really, a commercial cleaning company that experiences low janitorial turnover is doing a lot of things right. Large national janitorial companies have a single advantage and that is servicing businesses with locations throughout the country that require a single point of contact for janitorial services. To follow the analogy, a large national cleaning company simply has so many ponds from which to fish that it is far easier for them to replace lost business than cleaning services in Michigan. A janitorial services company Michigan that is large, established AND local offers a number of critical advantages over one-man local operations, mom & pop operations and the colossal, impersonal national cleaning companies. Local Michigan commercial cleaning contractors keep cleaning service jobs, management jobs and revenue right here in Michigan. If they do, you and your facility not only miss out n the many benefits of effective industrial janitorial services and great people, you run risks with safety and value.
In the janitorial services industry, sometimes Facility Managers and owners look at national janitorial services and assume that if there were to be a 2015 World Series of Janitorial Services & Facility Maintenance, the national janitorial companies would be a shoe in. You’ll find information about ISSA CIMS, or the Cleaning Industry Management Standard because we are proud of this certification and proud of being an industry leader here in Michigan and throughout the country. Individuals with jobs within the janitorial industry can experience a real toll from the work they do if their employer is no mindful of the human costs of poor equipment, inadequate training, dangerous chemicals, lax safety and substandard working conditions.
In fact, as our state has seen in recent times of economic slump and stagnation, using our Michigan dollars to invest in our local businesses can make all of the difference in keeping our local and state economies healthy and robust. If that isn’t something your business needs, you are quite often going to get optimal pricing, value and attentive, responsive service from cleaning services Michigan. Sometimes bigger is in fact better, but when it comes to commercial cleaning and janitorial services, accountability and a sense of ownership is often missing from a national cleaning company.
Like any other business, cleaning, clean restrooms, janitorial, commercial handyman services, office cleaning, medical cleaning and the like take a certain amount of know how and experience. So perhaps have decided to keep your dollars local and want cleaning services in Michigan, from Michigan. The janitorial industry is plagued with janitorial turnover so look for those Michigan cleaning companies with a lower than average janitorial turnover. Developing your shortlist of commercial cleaning companies from those janitorial service providers and cleaning services that have achieved the CIMS certification will assist you in eliminating many of the ‘faker’ from the bunch and give you the best chance at finding an affordable local Michigan cleaning company that will deliver value for you and your facility. When it comes to your industrial facility management, no Facility Manager wants to rely on luck to do their jobs well so you must put the effort into finding industrial cleaning and janitorial that will deliver quality and value for your facility services.

The best and most effective commercial industrial janitorial contractors work hard to keep your business and not simply secure your contract.
This kind of smart cleaning requires that your janitorial services really take the time to understand your facility and what is most critical.
Find a janitorial company that understands the specific needs your industry, has the systems to assure success, builds in quality with their teams from the beginning, offers transparent pricing and real value and you have the puzzle of effective industrial janitorial services solved!
We do business here in southeastern Michigan and as such, our customers and our reputation must matter or we’d be out of customers and out of business before too long. You’ll find guides and reports on premier building maintenance, medical cleaning services, day porters, industrial janitorial services, commercial handyman services, restroom cleaning services and school cleaning services because these are areas we serve and we know good information can help our customers and future customers.
I will do anything to help Operations get their jobs done to help reach that end goal – having a satisfied customer! The reality is keeping valuable revenue in our state has a significant impact on every person who calls Michigan home. But some of the cleaning companies in Michigan are going to be far too small for you if you run a large facility or multiple facilities. Those companies that are more established and experienced will likely offer better servicing and even janitorial pricing. The best janitorial services companies in Michigan are those that have remained in business long enough to really learn and grow. And in the janitorial services business, as a service business, having your heart in the game matters.
When we keep our business and dollars right here in our local community, there are a number of benefits from tax revenue to cleaning service jobs to economic and community stability and more. In this case, a large, local Michigan janitorial service will likely be your best bet for the best janitorial services. You need a Michigan commercial cleaning company big enough to offer all of the services you need and price breaks that only large companies can qualify for.
These commercial cleaning companies have likely worked out many services and janitorial pricing problems that plague smaller office cleaning companies and others.
Cleaning isn’t as black and white as many people might at first imagine, it takes communication, time, fine-tuning and systems to insure your facility maintenance and janitorial are customized to what you really need. We grew up here in Michigan, we live here, our children live here, our neighbors and friends and we have been, and continue to be committed to contributing to the health and stability of our local communities. Whether you need medical office cleaning or you’re just looking for clean restrooms for a change, cleaning services Michigan can boil down to the idea of the big fish in a small pond adage. You also need a professional janitorial service that is agile and responsive to you’re the changing needs of your facility and even your job duties as a Facility Manager. With larger local Michigan cleaning companies, you get to benefit from the larger purchasing power of the big guys with the responsiveness and accountability of the local guys. So you need a Michigan janitorial company with procedures and systems in place to assure success.
From providing quality, responsive janitorial services to offering our neighbors jobs, we think Michigan matters. Of course, you’d like to keep Michigan dollars firmly planted here in Michigan but as a Facility Manager you must balance a drive to do the right thing with budget, the responsibilities of your job and the health of your business. The best janitorial services should have a large trained team, which can mean reduced delays or issues for you the customer.
The best cleaning companies will likewise present transparent pricing that makes it possible for you to compare janitorial pricing and cleaning quotes to find the best value. I really feel like we are that perfect balance between a large, faceless national janitorial company and a little local owned cleaning company.
There are a few key factors that can help determine which cleaning services in Michigan will truly meet your needs.

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