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Earlier today EV Grieve posted about a Twitter campaign against Jakobson Properties, which owns numerous buildings in the East Village (you've probably seen their no-fee ads around town and on Craigslist). Flyers went up yesterday in Jakobson buildings, but are being taken down by maintenance crews, says the tenant, before people can see them. This isn't a campaign to take down Jakobson, exactly, though "slum lord" is flying around on the Tumblr -- it's to keep them accountable for the various issues going on in the apartments, says the tenant who began the campaign.

There's a plan in the works to print postcards and mail them to tenants, and possibly to get an in-person meeting together.The tenant says, "If the first thing that pops up in Google when you search for 'Jakobson properties' is a long list of complaints, they will have to start paying attention. All we really want is for Jakobson to be a responsible landlord, to take care of leaks, water issues, etc.

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