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The most likely candidates for working at home are parents who want to spend more time with their children, retirees in need of additional income working well beyond retirement and people with disabilities. Complaints about poor customer service at mega offshore call centers have enforced the need to reach out to quality at home candidates simply by rerouting customer calls.
A wide range of opportunities are open to virtual assistants working as an independent contractor for a single company or establishing their own business and marketing their services to a variety of potential clients. Constant demand along with good salaries and flexibility are foremost for tech support jobs.
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Working from home offers flexibility and independence without the constant interruptions of the office and the long commute. Tech support reps work remotely and on-site at major corporations as well as third party providers who provide support for a vast array of Fortune 500 companies. The good news is that the number of jobs in tech support is growing every day as more and more companies need to hire employees to handle their customers and demands.
One must be highly motivated and focused in their search for a legitimate home based job, as there are thousands of screened jobs posted daily.
However, at-home employees must be highly independent, flexible, self-motivated and possess strong technical skills.

Technical know how is paramount when working on the front line helping customers troubleshoot day-to-day issues with their computers, gadgets, electronics and the Internet. Since the current economic recession, a large number of employers have taken advantage of the work at home trend to reduce costs and choose from a talented pool of candidates beyond their local area.

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