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Average Network Technician salaries for job postings nationwide are 41% lower than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. Average Summer Intern IT Networking Internship salaries for job postings in Warrenville, IL are the same as average Summer Intern IT Networking Internship salaries for job postings nationwide. It’s not a prerequisite, but it is recommended that you possess basic knowledge of the Windows OS and Networking before prepping for the exam. Some of the top global organizations like HP, Dell, Sharp, Ricoh, and Xerox require or recommend networking technicians with CompTIA Network+ certifications. The salary of certified network professionals will vary according to their job role, experience, and the organizations they are working with.

The biggest benefit of the CompTIA Network+ certification is that it is considered as the perfect stepping stone for advanced certifications in networking.
The CompTIA Network+ certification is the perfect stepping stone to earn a higher level networking position. Average IT Networking Process Control Specialist salaries for job postings in Vancouver, WA are 2% lower than average IT Networking Process Control Specialist salaries for job postings nationwide. The CompTIA Network+ certification is one of the top vendor-neutral certifications in the industry today and recognizes the holders ability to install networking components, comprehend various functionalities and configure, as well as troubleshoot, basic networking hardware, services, and protocols.
A networking professional with less than 1 year of experience will get a median annual salary of $45,200.

The Network+ certification lays emphasis on fundamental principles of networking and imparts knowledge related to various network technologies, media and topologies, management, installation and configuration, and security.
The salary will increase as the experience grows and the median will increase significantly for those with 10 years or experience or even more. The senior positions include Senior Systems Engineer (Computer Networking and IT) and Senior Systems Manager IT.

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