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Some 113 companies or individuals affiliated with 18 well-known city developers made the contributions to the PAC, called Jobs For New York, which was created to advance a pro-growth political agenda for the city, according to records filed this week with the New York State Board of Elections.
Jobs for New York has reportedly said that unions were also supporting the cause, but the donor list did not reveal any as of the latest filing in July. A spokesperson for Jobs for New York was not immediately available for comment, but the group has said in the past that it plans to contribute to City Council races.
Jobs for New York expects to raise between $7 million and $10 million for the 2013 election cycle, Crain’s reported yesterday in a story listing many of the PAC’s donors.

Best Jobs OverallIt’s somewhat rare for solid growth, good pay, and high concentration to come together, but a few promising jobs have all three (or enough of two that it makes up for not having the third). Billed as a measure that would help reduce income inequality, the long-run effect of the legislation would be the destruction of jobs and economic production in the state of New York. Depending upon the rate of inflation in future years, enacting legislation containing the essence of S6413 could result in nearly 22,000 lost jobs in New York over a ten-year period and a reduction in real output of $2.5 billion. More than 70% of the lost jobs would be jobs from the small business sector of the economy.

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