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Average Nurse Technician salaries for job postings in Wichita, KS are 11% lower than average Nurse Technician salaries for job postings nationwide. Wichita has set ambitious goals in job growth, but it doesn’t seem that the Visioneering program has produced results. In May, Suzie Ahlstrand of the Wichita Chamber of Commerce presented Wichita City Council members with the benchmark documents, but didn’t elaborate on these in her presentation.

We don’t know what the Wichita economy would look like in the absence of Visioneering. Wichita is in last and OKC in first because OKC raided the aircraft industry by getting Boeing to move south, not to mention some of the others.
There are those who might take comfort that when including government jobs, Wichita does better.

But as growth in the government sector outpaces growth in the private sector, Wichita becomes less prosperous than if we were creating private sector jobs.

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