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The up-tick in 2010 was mostly census workers, but also some administration of Obama’s jobs stimulus. By contrast, federal, state, and local government has declined by more than half a million workers in the last three years. Since the recession officially ended in January 2009, the economy has bid goodbye to 584,000 government jobs (private sector employment is up by 2.8 million).

The EPI argues that "these extra government jobs would have helped preserve about 500,000 private sector jobs." I'm not honestly in a position to critique their math. But I can say this much: there are now 196,000 more unemployed government workers than at the beginning of the recovery.
The remainder have either found jobs in other industries, in which case they've displaced other applicants, or have left the job force.

The individuals who lost their jobs were teachers and firefighters, trash collectors and police fighters, and yes, probably a fairly large assortment of bureaucrats responsible for running that sometimes creaky machine called government.

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