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Taking CCNA classes and training is a great way of learning computer science and computer networking. Therefore, if you want to improve your career and make a much decent living for your family, the best thing to do is apply for the CCNA examination and pass it. According to Glassdoor National Average salary data, following are popular roles for which an analysis of job progression, growth and skills is shown.
An analysis based on Job progression data from Glassdoor API is presented below - It shows the top 3 progressions with highest increase in median pay. Methodology: For the popular job titles as queries, the Glassdoor API will return the jobs in USA that a person in that job would typically go on to take - based on a frequency percentage. BI Developer & BI Analyst jobs are the most listed jobs in past few years and this job trend seems to increase in 2015.
Business Analyst job postings were comparatively much higher than the above listed roles and hence represented seperately. Share your thoughts about what employers are looking for in data science & business intelligence job roles. 60+ Free Books on Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Python, R, and more - Sep 4, 2015. 6 crazy things Deep Learning and Topological Data Analysis can do with your data - Nov 2, 2015.
The Information Architecture Institute conducts an annual salary survey to capture information on compensation, daily work habits and demographics of information architecture practitioners. The Information Architecture Institute (IA Institute) is 501(c)6 professional organization dedicated to promoting the concept, craft and community of Information Architecture. The top five ranges clustered between USD$60,000 and USD$104,999, representing 51.1% of the total.

The United Kingdom and US: Northeast tied for the top median salary by Region at USD$104,999. The United Kingdom, US Northeast, US West, and Canada salaries remain the highest among all regions, followed by US Midwest and Australia and the Pacific Rim.
Responses sorted by metro area were higher in US, Canadian and UK cities than in other cities. One respondent indicated their highest educational attainment was High School and also indicated healthy in the USD$90,000-99,999 range.
As in the 2010 report, we split out the Experience Level (Junior, Lead, Director, etc.) from the Job Title responses (Information Architect, Interaction Designer, etc).
Almost half of all respondents (46.2%) have been in their current job between 1-5 years, a few percentage points lower than 2010. The amount of time in current job does not appear to have any correlation on salary, however. Respondents who have at least ten years of experience in the field reported notably higher median salaries than those reporting less than eight years in the field.
Median salary for those reporting more than ten years experience was 23.5% higher than those reporting between 3 and 8 years. If you want to obtain job related to networking then you should consider the Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA. Keep in mind that computer networking is important in every business that is why many companies are looking for certified professionals who can do the job proficiently.
Once you obtain the certificate all your efforts and expenses to pay off as you can enjoy promotions and increase in salary. We condensed this data by filtering the top titles first based on frequency, and then by highest increase in median pay.

The job trends graphs below show the percentage of jobs Indeed finds that contain the given job title as a search term. Data Scientist job postings are on the rise since the past four years and this trend seems to continue in 2015. In our analysis, we have estimated the median for various data points by taking the midpoint of the salary range a person selected and then averaging that figure for various data points, eliminating the "Over $200,000" and "Under $20,000" groups, which do not have a midpoint.
Through education, advocacy, services, and social networking, the Institute supports a community of practitioners, leading the way in demonstrating the value of information architecture to the world at large, and providing a framework for members to improve their skills and enhance their professional standing. Between 3 and 8 years of experience the difference in median salary is zero (Averages for single year periods between 1-5 years are progressively higher, though people with less than a year in the field show a higher average than those in the 1-2 and 2-3 year ranges, quite curious given that all but one of these respondents are at the Junior level. We present national average salaries, job title progression in career, job trends and skills for popular job titles in Data Science & Business Intelligence.
A link to the survey was also promoted via the IA Institute homepage, newsletter and Twitter account. There are many different certifications offered by various organizations and companies and it is up to the individual to choose the certification that will improve his or her career. You should not rely and be contented with your degree and experience instead you should have certification as back up. It is because they believe that certified professionals are competent and proficient in carrying out a specific job.

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