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Searching for the best job search engine might feel impossible when so many of them exist now, including the leader in networking capabilities: LinkedIn.
This job site has been around since the mid 1990s, even though it caters mostly to non-profit organizations. As a more specialized place for technology jobs, this site is worth using, despite being less known. While these sites might be useful in finding an IT job, you may need an additional experienced source in finding exactly what you want. Job boards such as Monster, are websites where employers post their vacancies and other related information such as candidate requirements, salary, etc.
While you are just a beginner, you may not know the different job search websites that are specific to your profile. Gradually, you can directly visit these identified websites and make job applications when required. Thus, if you don’t want to go through millions of job listings, that drag you away from your particular requirements, make sure of discovering these web tools and filters within the websites and then using them judiciously. While there are numerous advantages of online job search, there is one very damaging aspect of the same. Job seekers who reach a state of mind, where they are desperately looking for suitable jobs and want to end their long period of unemployment, usually fall prey to such false vacancies. These individuals trap job seekers in a false hope of providing jobs in return for some money. Online job search portals and search engines have come up as the greatest boon for present day job seekers. Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite online job search sites, and today we're back with the most popular answers. NOTE: Due to a few ties in the preliminary call for contenders, this Hive Five will actually feature six job search sites.
Along with Monster, CareerBuilder is the oldest job search site on the list (founded in 1995). HotJobs is another age-old job search engine that first started in 1996 (under another name), went through a few other changes, and was eventually purchased by Yahoo in 2002.

Craigslist is best known for free classified ads that have secured Craigslist power users great deals, but the pages of Craigslist also offer a thriving job board. Job search engine Indeed is a meta-search engine that scours job sites, newspapers, and company career pages for jobs. Regardless, you might be surprised to learn that many older sites have a few advantages for technology job seekers. Because of that, it also has the largest database of job listings you'll find next to LinkedIn. For instance, if you are looking for a job vacancy in the sales profile, you may land various results Some of these results are from sites that present information about general job vacancies, including sales, some are industry specific, some are geography centric and so on and so forth.
Browsing through these search engines will help you identify different websites and help you know typical websites that specialize on your profile, particularly. Once you are aware about different websites and employers, making job applications through job boards is always a better option. As no two jobs, even though from the same domain, will have the same candidate requirement; similarly, one resume that fits a particular job posting may not suit another. An idea about the type of resume key word you need to use can be acquired by carefully studying job vacancy posting provided by employers in their websites or job boards.
Job seekers find it difficult to judge the genuineness of different job vacancy postings available online.
But if heading into your cube farm made you cry every morning, and you can't stand the idea of doing it all over again from the bottom up, then take this time off to really find what it is you're looking for in a job.
With over a million job postings and over 150 million resumes at any one time (according to Wikipedia), Monster has one of the largest job search databases available.
Also like Monster, CareerBuilder's pages boast millions of job postings, hundreds of thousands of employers on the hunt for potential employees, and a whole lot more. HotJobs is a traditional job search engine cut from a similar cloth as Monster or CareerBuilder.
Some of those search engines have been around longer than you've likely been online and have more accrued information available.
When searching out an IT job or any job, temporary volunteering may be in your best interest to get your foot in the door.

Other than that, the site also has the advantage of being designed simply with a basic search engine interface.
It lists close to 100,000 jobs in that category (as well as engineering listings) for free. Some of these contain different job listings, while some contain listings from specific industries. In addition, you can also know your specific employers, their requirements and other job listings they have, that are different or partially related to what you are looking for. Using these tools will lead you to land more specific job listing, one of these may prove to be the best match for you.
In addition to its job search and resume posting tools, Monster also offers career advice, a beta tool for researching companies, and more. While LinkedIn isn't primarily a job search destination, the idea is simple enough: People get jobs from their professional network, so rather than digging through enormous search databases when you're looking for work, your LinkedIn network becomes an excellent resource for connecting with people in your field who know where you might be able to get good work.
Before you send out another application through Craigslist, be sure to check out these tips for applying for a job on Craigslist. Indeed isn't a full-service job search site where you post your resume and hope for calls from employers, but if you know what kind of work you're looking for, its impressive meta-search (complete with email alerts and RSS feeds) is worth a look. Go ahead and give that ironic analogy to the older, experienced search engine arguably being more valuable than the eager newbie. As well, it continues to cover job listings in dozens of foreign countries if you want to outsource your IT job skills.
Thorough searches can be done quickly by merely naming the job category you're searching for and the city you live in. From the sound of our call for contenders post, many of you have secured or been offered jobs through Monster.
Several commenters point out that the three largest job search engines on this list (Monster, CareerBuilder, and HotJobs) all generally carry a lot of the same job postings, so it's more a matter of choosing which one you feel most comfortable with when you're managing your resume and searching for jobs.

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