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The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (Isis) is not just battling its way into the cities of Iraq  it is also fighting for global support and action via a major social media campaign.
A sophisticated social media campaign, backed up by slick videos, is being used to call for support from abroad.
At the centre of this campaign is a new video released by Isis, the extremist group which has taken control of cities across northern Iraq including Mosul and Tikrit, featuring what is said to be the voice of Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
In the video, which was posted yesterday and has had 30,000 views so far, al-Baghdadi calls for "Sunni youths" to join the Isis jihad. The "one billion campaign" calls for Muslims across the world to show their support for the Isis cause, especially on Friday, and even to come and join it.

A number of Muslims speaking different languages appear in the videos, showing the campaign is targeting people in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and France appealing for people to protest on Friday in support of Isis, or to travel to Iraq to fight. And it is not just French and Arabic languages that are being used to recruit support for the Isis campaign – videos are appearing with English translations as well. A slick video produced by AlHayat Media Centre includes translation of an Isis song, Let's Go For Jihad, which calls for people to "rush to the battlefield", "claim your victory" and "slaughter until the day of judgement".
It echoes, as well, the words of a British Isis fighter, Abu Summayyah al-Britani, in a podcast published earlier this week in which he said fighting in Syria was better than playing Call of Duty.
The social media campaign indicates a shift in the approach of Isis - previously an insular group – to one that is actively recruiting from across the world.

And it is through a range of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts that Isis members are keeping followers around the world updated on the battle for Iraq.
How successful this social media campaign has been may be seen on Friday in the numbers of people who respond to the call for global support.

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