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What I mean by mass media is TV, radio and the press etc that are common communications platforms.
Over the past couple of months, social media references seem to be wherever I look, being highlighted in varied aspects of everyday life. In the recent years, one-way communications have become one of the main characteristics of mass media compared to so-called social media. This entry was posted in Business, Public Relations, Social Media and tagged mass media with social media, social media and mass media, traditiona media versus new media. Mass media is traditionally one dimensional in terms of communication, and social media of course is the complete opposite.
For instance, on the radio you hear musicians such as Maria Carey singing about YouTube and other social networks, mainstream TV programmes are mentioning the use of blogs in their storylines (Eastenders), and mobile phone company advertisements (billboards) with social networking features are now a powerful way of selling handsets.

As I saw yesterday in Waterloo London train station, Vodafone has massive banners hanging from the terminal building promoting the social networking functionality on its handsets. In the end, it was a practical joke, but both professional blogs and journals cited Calacanis, without double-checking the claims.Popularity issueWith a big enough audience, social media become mass media.
So in the distant future it's possible that press, radio and television go out of business and that digital media replaces them.
Luis is an IBM employee, and works in knowledge management, virtual communities and social tools.
Luis was born in Leon (Spain), loves the island's charm and usually adds photos in his blog about social software (wonderful job of touristic promotion!). Early reports of the death of traditional media portrayed the Web as a kind of anti-TV -two-way where TV is one-way, interactive where TV is passive, and (implicitly) good where TV is bad.

Now we know that the Web is not a perfect antidote to the problems of mass media, because some of those problems are human and are not amenable to technological fixes.
This is bad news for that school of media ctriicism that has assumed that the authorities are keeping the masses down. To manage the community, high levels of participation need a big amount of resources.A bit offtopic, another difference between mass media and blogs is in content quality. Many bloggers vocally has distinguished themselves from traditional media claiming more variety and higher standards of quality.

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