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A survey released by Manta shows that nearly 50% of businesses have increased their time on social media channels in the last year, according to Michael Fertik at Forbes. Yet, 60% of small businesses reported no return on investment for their social media marketing. Social media is not dissimilar to a hungry baby—it requires feeding on a very regular basis,” writes Fertik.
Once you’ve established your goals and you're putting out regular content, work to connect with your online community. Frink points out a cool example of using real-time social conversations to connect with customers on Twitter. At it’s best, social media marketing can increase your small businesses visibility, give you a bigger reach and engage your current and future customers. Business owners waiting for definitive proof that social media has value are going to spend the next three to five years learning a very valuable lesson.
At some level, online marketing success is about cost-effectively maximizing your virtual real estate.
In a blog post on Social Media Today, Amanda Green writes, “Twitter, Facebook, and online review sites have drastically magnified the online visibility of every company imaginable. Contrary to what some business owners believe, social media websites can generate a significant number of leads and sales. For bars, restaurants, and local retailers, social media sites can actually generate a better ROI than their primary website.
Sharing snippets and teasers from your website across social media websites can function like having five mini sales funnels all leading to your big web sales funnel – your primary website.

According to a survey by Manta, an online business directory, 61 percent of small businesses do not see an ROI from their social media activities. If you only rely on lower funnel metrics like quantity of leads, cost per lead, and cost per sale, prepare to be dissappointed with social media.
About The Author: Ben Landers is the President and CEO of Blue Corona, a data-driven, inbound internet marketing company. When it comes to social media marketing, individuals and small businesses have an advantage over the mega-corporations.
As the leader of your business, you get to decide which direction to go based on your tracking feedback or the advice of your social media marketing expert.
The Simple Answer: Track the metrics that are meaningful to your social media marketing goals. Now that you know what stats are meaningful to you and you know what you want to achieve with your social media marketing strategy, it’s time to put some tools into place.
At its best, social media marketing requires a swift hand, the ability to shift gears quickly, and an entrepreneurial spirit, which is why it’s perfect for the small business owner. The first big one is joining every social media network without considering where your customers are. Heather Physioc was running a social media campaign on Twitter for a cosmetology education website. What they’re going to learn is that the cost of doing nothing is exponentially greater than the cost of testing a few social media marketing campaigns.
With the right strategy and implementation plan, social sites like Facebook and Twitter can function a lot like online review websites.

In my experience, social media, as a communication channel, tends to exert a much greater influence on upper funnel metrics. Sure, big companies have departments and marketing specialists who’ve been in the game since AOL was sending disks all over the country. There are so many content marketing tools out there that are both cost-effective and easy to use, well, it might be a little daunting. It is actually a sign that your social media messaging has some legs if it reaches someone who wants to air a grievance.
Depending on your industry, all the popular social media websites – Facebook, Houzz, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, etc. One reason 61 percent of SMBs don’t see a return from their social media efforts is because most business owners don’t have the faintest idea about how to track their social media efforts! There are no barriers to entry to social media networks, so a lot of business join all of them without considering the significant time and effort, and yes, even money, that will be necessary to mounting an effective social media campaign. And if you find you don’t enjoy the work, hire a social media marketing expert to be part of your marketing team.

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