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The rise of social media is a worldwide phenomenon, and people are using many languages to interact online. The Rosette linguistics platform enables social media monitoring tools to identify language of incoming feeds, analyze sentences for sentiment analysis, extract entities for metadata, and improve search results. Social media content aggregators can offer a more rewarding experience to subscribers with Rosette’s document clustering.
With English now making up only about 40 percent of global social media postings, it is becoming increasingly important for our customers to access business and market insights hidden in non-English conversations. S: Open source softwares such as R Project , and Python, provide a suite of visual tools to crunch and model the data, during the process. TweetSocial Media Monitoring Platforms: a little market overviewBrand monitoring identifies relevant platforms, subjects and influential factors for a social media strategy and can be used to evaluate measures or as a supplement for market research. The systems use complex key-word combinations to search through forums, blogs and micro-blogs such as Twitter, open social networks, content communities such as YouTube or flickr, online media as well as Wikipedia. In addition to these functional requirements the tool is to have a modern application interface as a great variety of people have to work with it on a daily basis.
CustomScoop: The tool places the focus very strongly on media clippings which is not adequate for our purposes. Socialradar von Infegy: A simple tool with basic features and a convenient interface at a very interesting price. Buzzient: A tool with a strong sales and CRM focus which can be exciting, depending how it is used. Scoutlabs:A very advanced tool with great potential which also covers video platforms, Flickr etc.
Radian6This tool comes from the PR sector; it concentrates on actual monitoring but it also provides workflows. Update: Radian6 now goes one step further than monitoring and a few workflows and in April they are launching the engagement console. Heartbeat is a very manageable and well-structured tool which demonstrates a great love of detail. Sysomos Heartbeat is outstandingly good for operational monitoring because of the functions and interface.

The tool is quick to set up and keywords are defined centrally on a one-off basis. Customer service is fast and very co-operative – in some cases they integrated our inputs within hours. Outlook: Heartbeat is integrating search for videos and photos as well as automated sentiment for Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and German in 2010 and support with location-based services such as Gowalla or Forsquare The integration of non-public social networks by co-operation is likewise planned.
Sysomos Map is a powerful research tool for agencies which provides the advantages of Radian6. Among all these, the tools compatible to twitter outnumber the tools made for other platforms.
Planning a proper social media analytics monitoring would not be complete without the Facebook factor into it.
In case you are looking for a service that alerts you instantly then HyperAlert is not the best service or monitoring tool for you as their delivery is quite a slow process.
Social media monitoring applications can then filter data based on entities in the metadata. We’ve continued to refine and hone our linguistic software components to meet the new wave of language challenges inherent in social media analysis.
Basis Technology allows us to quickly expand the scope of our analysis to the languages our customers demand. In her current role as Art Director at Adrenalin Media in Sydney, her team produce online solutions, ranging from websites, campaigns to integrating new technologies into their services for eg: RFID.
It can also be linked to existing CRM processes and systems (social CRM) and it can be used for brand protection as well as crisis monitoring.
The tool promises a lot, but it does not have a satisfactory solution for language and country restrictions or sentiment analyses.
On the basis of the documentation we had the impression that sources and functionalities are inadequate for which reason we concentrated on other tools.
The classical monitoring features don’t seem to have been developed very highly for our requirements.
We set up a specific, detailed test for a large customer and undertook an intense comparison of the results.

Only the paid versions of monitoring and analytical tools like Radian6, Alterian, Sysomos, Socialbaker, Raven, Socialmetrix, Spiral16, PageLever etc. The user-base of more than 750 million people worldwide places Facebook on the top of the list of all the social platforms to monitor, whether you agree or not.
Facebook Insights: The grand grandfather of all FB monitoring tools is itself from Facebook. OpenBook: At a particular stage of usage, you would find almost the entire range of social search based tools quite boring and unproductive. Many applications have been developed to ingest and analyze the data from various social media sources. The number of items in a group can also indicate trending topics and product, or expose incidents of social media spamming.
Contact us for a free evaluation of how Rosette can make your social media analysis software internationally ready. We chose Rosette because its accuracy and performance enables us to broaden the global coverage of our technology to discover insights from social media conversations in other languages. We would encourage you to examine the tools on the basis of your individual requirements as they each provide interesting functions and approaches. Along with conversation and activity, this tool also provides great data on users, sentiment analysis and linguistic analysis. As SM2 is also used by Meltwater (thanks to Andreas Goldi for the tip), we will be taking another close look at this tool in a second round (see below).
Though the graphical data presentation is not that cool as in paid social media monitoring tools like Radian 6, Alterain, Symosos etc.
Rosette quickly integrates with social media applications to give developers a head start in analyzing multilingual data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media channels. Visual tools also help determine the influencing features and charter an appropriate course for the story.We use tools like graphs, charts, plots etc.

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