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Our internet marketing services enable your website to drive online visibility, but more importantly, real business growth. Annex will work with existing client marketing staff or web designers to develop plans that will drive marketing & strategic efficiency & effectiveness. Gives credibility –few people are willing to do business with a company that doesn’t have a domain. Keep it as short as possible…5 to 20 characters is fine i.e the shorter the domain name the easier it will be to remember.
A domain represents you, your business and your online presence so loosing it means you loose your whole online identity.
If you don’t have your domain name you wont be able to promote your online identity and website on the World Wide Web. If you don’t secure a domain name for your business, your competitors might get there first. Setting up a website using words that match up your work will help get greater exposure for your business using the web as a marketing channel. Market Your Business Online Effectively!My name is Kevin Kennedy, and the six (6) steps that I have studied, perfected and now sharing with you….

It’s a string of characters which usually spells out a word, a company name or person’s name.
It is less likely that you will change the domain especially if you have invested in design and internet marketing. GBC is based in Nairobi and offers various services including web design, SEO, online marketing, website hosting, M&E Systems among other ICT solutions. Whether you’re a large wedding retailer or small local business, internet marketing puts you on the map.
This is an address that you can point visitors to in order for them to find content about you or your business.
Always ensure that each domain you purchase is registered under your name or the name of your business.
Choose wisely and register from reliable companies who will ensure protection of your domain name at all times. The internet has no boundaries and our internet marketing services reach out to you wherever you do business.
Domain names are very important and therefore important for any business or organization to budget for at least one for their business.

Whether you're a wedding favor store or a waste management company, Annex Media understands that we must first understand your business to tailor precise, individualized solutions. We apply our proven internet marketing methodology – fact based research that drives execution of legitimate SEO tactics and cost effective PPC advertising campaigns. Leverage an internet marketing company with expertise in reaching your customers, wherever they might be. Often, the savings associated with our professionally managed marketing campaigns offset PPC campaign management fees. Stretch your marketing dollar, focus on your core business, and let Annex Media manage your online marketing strategy.

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