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Social media marketing is time-consuming, and jobs have to be created to get the work done. To help our social media candidates prepare for their job interviews, our digital marketing recruitment experts have compiled a list of the most popular job interview questions encountered by social media candidates. Working in social media can be like trying to hit a moving target, so staying up to date is crucial. In a recent survey by Social Media Today 34 % of Facebook users admitted that they spend less time on the network. Blog posts, website content, press releases, guest articles, email campaigns, proposals, social content: you have to be able to craft your ideas and messages to fit any medium.
If you are you a social media marketer and have been asked interesting or frightening interview questions, please share them with us. Should you be looking for a job opportunity in digital marketing and social media in Cape Town or Johannesburg, please get in touch.

TestimonialsI first worked with Andrew Wicks from Initiate International as a candidate seeking my next career move.
The president of East Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Safe Promotion International (SSASP), Mr Benson Machari, addressing the public at the Kasarani Safaricom Stadium on August 30, 2015.
In line with this trend, social marketer job openings are on the rise in South Africa and, more often than not, are filled by socially-minded junior staff.
Despite Facebook’s declining popularity, the popularity of social media, especially those used on smart phones, will continue to rise as humans are social by nature. A good social media manager needs to be able to produce engaging, relevant and sharable content, pleasing search engines as well as humans. Initiate International is a specialist recruitment agency for digital marketing jobs in South Africa. Almost immediately after starting my new position, I contacted Initiate International to staff my team, and have since hired two fantastic professionals.

Questions have also been raised about the salaries being offered by the organisation and whether they are commensurate with the candidates’ qualifications and the jobs they have been offered. Social Media Today confirms, social media is important for exposure (reported by 85% of marketers), increased traffic (69%) and to provide marketplace insight (65%). I would recommend any top performer who is seeking a new opportunity to work with Initiate International. We are a foundation and committed to paying taxes,” he said.Questions have also been raised about the salaries offered by the organisation and whether they are commensurate with the candidates’ qualifications and the jobs they have been offered.

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