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The company uses the social media tool as its frame of reference – a place where everyone on the team turns to in order to find out what is happening in real-time. The organization ingeniously used the social media tool to create an ‘online librarian’ for its office book collection. Thus, Tisso Naturprodukte successfully used social media to create its private online ‘librarian’.
Socialtext is a collaborative platform whereby colleagues can work together on key business processes.

Social Text offers a safe internal environment for organizations and collaborators to work on a project, solve business challenges and share knowledge. The organization, which spreads across four different locations – Hyderabad, Karachi, Nairobi, and New York – used the social media platform to create a shared workspace where group discussion could be facilitated and key information easily provided to team members. To conclude, these three case studies show how different social media platforms can help internal collaboration take place more effectively, according to the organization’s specific needs. Three examples of three different companies, using three different social media platforms, provide good case studies to illustrate how social media can enhance internal collaboration.

As the company partly relies on its book collection of biology and natural medicine, keeping everything in order is essential, but can be a cumbersome task.
Among the social software applications it offers are wiki pages, shared spreadsheet, internal blogs, microblogging and mobile apps, among others.

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