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Average Integrated Marketing Director salaries for job postings in New York, NY are 36% higher than average Integrated Marketing Director salaries for job postings nationwide. Average Integrated Marketing salaries for job postings in New York, NY are 36% higher than average Integrated Marketing salaries for job postings nationwide.
Average Clinical Assistant Associate Professor Integrated Marketing salaries for job postings in New York, NY are 36% higher than average Clinical Assistant Associate Professor Integrated Marketing salaries for job postings nationwide. Unfortunately, the scope of marketing exploded at such a phenomenal pace over the past decade — a kaleidoscope of fragmentation, innovation, and differentiation — that it became impossible for any one company to do everything that marketers wanted or needed. In the absence of an oligopoly of strong platforms as the foundation of marketing technology, we’re now seeing the rise of multiple specialist platforms.
When you look at the investment strategies of leading marketing technology venture capitalists, they clearly seem to believe that there’s room for multiple multi-billion dollar specialist platforms within the marketeing domain. I believe that the emergence of these multi-platform and bus topologies in marketing technology is a logical result of weak platforms. It’s important no matter what type of marketing tech you’re purchasing that you look at the word “platform” with a lens of scrutiny. As for the strongest marketing platform, I argue that Oracle has the industry’s largest marketing technology ecosystem: New additions to the Oracle Marketing Cloud AppCloud (260 best-of-breed apps for marketers) and Oracle BlueKai Data Partner Program (200+ direct integrations) help marketers to more easily deliver cross-channel campaigns, capture and track the digital body language of prospects and customers, develop actionable insights, and extend the reach of marketing campaigns. Acknowledged: Oracle has an awesome marketing platform and a very robust marketing technology ecosystem.
Nonetheless I think we are seeing predominately your oligopoly of platforms as a starting point being rapidly overtaken by bus type architecture as the need to integrate with other systems and expose APIs starts to dominate.
However, the emergence off a driver towards integrated decisioning across different messaging could drive the emergence of data and decisioning platforms as DMPs converge on CRM.

Yoffie, Harvard strategy professor and co-author of a new book, Strategy Rules: Five Timeless Lessons from Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs, immediately caught my eye. You can imagine Steve Jobs from an earlier era, proud of his pristine product, unsullied by outside developers. I believed that there was an incredible opportunity for one or a few of them to create the equivalent of Windows-like or iOS-like ecosystems that would deliver tremendous value to marketers, marketing technology ISVs, and, most of all, those platform companies. In the absence of a solid center of gravity for marketing innovation, these other models have been given the evolutionary opportunity to flourish. The absence of a strong platform oligopoly gives more market power to the buyers of marketing technology — and to the innovators of new marketing software. Choosing platforms is definitely a complicated and painful process not only in marketing but in every single space. The next wave will be around how quickly the platforms are capable to adapt to changing marketing strategies and market dynamics. And that is pretty cool you mentioned Mulesoft because their integration ESB is able to integrate almost anything with complex scenarii, if you are a developer. I think a primary driver of the lack of platform is the rapid evolution of marketing across different channels which is spawning new data management platforms and mechanisms for targeting and messaging. The article notes that Jobs “preferred beautifully designed products that worked in splendid isolation. Marketo made a big public commitment to being a marketing platform and has probably the largest ISV community within its LaunchPoint partner program. Sales enablement — or more broadly, ways of bridging marketing and sales — is emerging as another hot area of platform-thinking.

And with marketing technologists increasingly a part of marketing teams, they’re becoming more manageable. At least that has been my experience working with and evaluating a variety of platforms, be it in finance domain or gaming or marketing. As you mentioned in your article some integrations natively exist between Apps but it is still too few! Actually I find the Mulesoft approach is really good for complex Enterprise class integration. But on the visible horizon, enterprise marketing environments are looking more and more like multi-hub-and-spoke topologies. The difference between a bus and a platform is subtle, but I’d say that the bus model is distinguished by its primary emphasis being on that flow across heterogeneous components in a marketing stack, rather than its own marketing execution capabilities.
I have seen situations where you pick a marketing platform and by the time you are done integrating it into all your systems, your company’s strategy changes completely and now you have to make changes in your integrations, some of which tend to now be more painful than you thought in the beginning. And in almost all cases, their platform-ness is far from the centerpiece of their marketing strategy.
This need of being able to make changes quickly introduces bad habits and poor quality of integration into your entire system. This means that when I want to send a newsletter, I first have to select and export my data from my CRM like Vtiger or Salesforce as a CSV, do some cleaning job in Excel then import it into my Email Marketing tool like Aweber or Mailchimp in a new list.

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