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Average Insurance Sales Representative salaries for job postings in Atlanta, GA are 25% higher than average Insurance Sales Representative salaries for job postings nationwide.
Trade, transportation, and utilities, the metropolitan area’s largest supersector, added 27,700 jobs from July 2014. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington’s education and health services supersector added 24,400 jobs, a gain of 6.1 percent over the year. Two local supersectors experienced annual losses of more than 1,000 jobs over the year–manufacturing (-2,800) and information (-1,400). The Dallas-Plano-Irving Metropolitan Division, which accounted for 70 percent of the area’s workforce, added 94,300 jobs from July a year ago, a gain of 4.1 percent.

Both metropolitan divisions contributed to the increase, with Dallas-Plano-Irving adding 18,800 jobs and Fort Worth-Arlington adding 6,100 jobs.
Education and health services added the most jobs in four areas–Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington.
Four areas–Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco–recorded no over-the-year job losses greater than 1,000 jobs in any supersector. Employment estimates are adjusted annually to a complete count of jobs, called benchmarks, derived principally from tax reports that are submitted by employers who are covered under state unemployment insurance (UI) laws. The Fort Worth-Arlington Metropolitan Division, which accounted for the remaining 30 percent of the area’s workforce, added 27,400 jobs during the 12-month period, a 2.8-percent increase.

Locally, this supersector growth was led by a gain of 10,600 jobs in the retail trade industry, an increase of 3.1 percent. Suchman noted that among the 12 largest metropolitan areas in the country, Dallas ranked first in the rate of job growth and third in the number of jobs added.

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