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Kristen D., IT Associate Information Technology JobsBUILD YOUR BEST LIFE WITH HD SUPPLYHD Supply IT professionals have exciting opportunities to develop technology infrastructures and systems to simplify, digitize and integrate our processes and to develop efficiencies for our business.
In the decade between 1997 and 2007, the information sector–which includes jobs in fields from media, publishing and broadcasting to computer programming, data processing, telecommunications and Internet publishing–has barely created a single new net job, while some 16,000,000 were created in other fields.
The biggest losses have been in the telecommunications sub-field, which has shed 400,000 jobs nationwide since its peak in 2000.
Perhaps most disturbing, many areas are also losing their share of the information industry.
The same pattern also affects so-called “cool” cities that were supposed to be ideal for high-tech jobs, according to a recent study by my colleagues at Praxis. Silicon Valley dropped 5,400 positions since 2000, which amounts to 11.6% of all its information-sector jobs. Yet the problem is that the information economy, by itself, simply doesn’t reliably spur broader economic growth. That’s because most segments of the information sector that do create lots of jobs tend to take place elsewhere.

Average Consultant Information Technology Specialist salaries for job postings in Orlando, FL are 11% lower than average Consultant Information Technology Specialist salaries for job postings nationwide. Please be assured that any compensation information provided to us will be held in the strictest confidence. Secure a foothold in the emerging information economy, and your city or region was destined to boom.
The San Jose metropolitan area, better known as the heart of Silicon Valley, boasted over 960,000 jobs in 1997.
For example, the information-sector job count, notes the Public Policy Institute of New York, has actually been stagnant or in decline in places like New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New York. The biggest declines in information jobs since 2000 have occurred in San Francisco (which lost 31,800 jobs), Northern Virginia (35,200) and Washington, D.C. As the Milken Institute’s Ross DeVol argues in his new study of high-tech centers, technology jobs pay better than most, and their presence can boost other parts of local economies.
The Silicon Valley I reported on in the mid-1980s housed an essentially industrial economy with many good jobs for middle- and working-class people.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, many held that the information revolution would tame the business cycle, guarantee constant high returns and create widespread prosperity.
Another well-promoted formula, linking great universities to up-and-coming hip cities for the so-called “creative class,” has proved very limited when it comes to creating new jobs. As manufacturing and middle management jobs have fled, its capital, San Jose, has become more of a backwater. Key regions–and the country as a whole–need to understand that the information sector is best seen not as an end in itself but as an industry that derives its value from how it works with other parts of the economy, such as finance and business services, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, warehousing and engineering. Information-sector jobs, it turns out, follow the basic rules of economic development seen in other industries.

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