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Since there can be a disparity in terms of user demographic on different social media sites, you should understand which network best fits your business before launching a full blown campaign. While creating a presence on both of these networks is applicable for nearly any business, Facebook can be even more advantageous when you’re looking to reach females between the ages of 18 and 29.
Although this network didn’t receive all that much attention a few years ago, it’s seen steady growth and currently has over 500 million users.
If you’re looking to grow your business and gain B2B networking opportunities, LinkedIn is an effective way to do so. Another factor that differentiates this network from others is the average age of its users.
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We can make social media set up, maintenance, and continued posting EASY as the E in EMarketID! The Social Media Research Foundation is dedicated to making tools that help people understand social media and social networks. A series of workshops and talks on social media network analysis will take place in Prague on September 29 and 30. RADIO WVXU Cincinnati – Ann Thompson interviews Marc Smith about the recent publication of a report on social media networks in Twitter co-authored with the Pew Internet Research Center.
The INSNA Sunbelt social network conference will be held February 18-23 at the TradeWinds Island Resort on the island of St.
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This course provides an overview of Social Network Analysis (SNA) and demonstrates through theory and practical case studies how it can be used in HCI (especially computer-mediated communication and CSCW) research and practise. Social network theory views a network as a group of actors who are connected by a set of relationships.
We welcome practitioners and academics interested in computer-mediated communication, universal design, and social software.
Versions of this course were delivered as tutorials at HCII 2007, 2009, Nordi-CHI 2009, INTERACT 2009, the INSNA Sunbelt Social Network Analysis Conference, the 2009 Communities and Technologies Conference and is scheduled to be run this Summer at the Stanford Media – X workshop and the 2009 Social Computing Conference . Marc Smith is a sociologist specializing in the social organization of online communities and computer mediated interaction.

Smith is the co-editor with Peter Kollock of Communities in Cyberspace (Routledge), a collection of essays exploring the ways identity; interaction and social order develop in online groups. Smith's research focuses on computer-mediated collective action: the ways group dynamics change when they take place in and through social cyberspaces. Here is a rundown of the demographic of some of the most popular networks to help you choose which one to use.
Unlike many other social media sites that are more casual in nature, this one is more designed for educated professionals that are looking to advance their careers. Consequently, teens and young adults can use it without their parents constantly keeping tabs like they can on Facebook and other more notable networks. By applying a set of theories in the field of media research (social presence, media richness) and social processes (self-presentation, self-disclosure) Kaplan and Haenlein created a classification scheme for different social media types in their Business Horizons article published in 2010. I own three websites and over the years, I have worked with many Graphic Designers, Web Designers and general social media marketing experts: I choose Brandie Lamprou.
We are a group of researchers who want to create open tools, generate and host open data, and support open scholarship related to social media. This topic is of particular importance due to the popularity of social networking websites (e.g. He founded and managed the Community Technologies Group at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington and led the development of social media reporting and analysis tools for Telligent Systems. Along with Derek Hansen and Ben Shneiderman, he is the co-author and editor of Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: Insights from a connected world, forthcoming from Morgan-Kaufmann in July 2010 which is a guide to mapping connections created through computer-mediated interactions. These are obviously important, but choosing the network that caters to your target audience is equally important.
According to Social Statistics, nearly 70 percent of total users are male, which makes it the perfect network if your business focuses on this demographic. It’s also possible to achieve a level of virality on this network because of the ease with which users can share content.
However, if you’re mainly looking to connect with consumers between 13 and 25, you should definitely consider this network. It was very interesting to learn about the male and female users on these social media sites.
Smith is a sociologist and Chief Social Scientist at Connected Action Consulting Group, a provider of fine quality social media analysis platforms and systems.

His research interests lie in HCI with an emphasis on inclusive design and social aspects of computing.
Hansen focuses his research and teaching on social computing, mass collaboration, consumer health informatics, and information services. Smith's goal is to visualize these social cyberspaces, mapping and measuring their structure, dynamics and life cycles. Due to the large volume of females who use this network, some of the most widely shared content is based in the following niches.
I love working with Brandie because she is not afraid to offer her suggestions on making changes that ultimately improve my projects and save costly time and errors."RJ Jaramillo - Founder of The SingleDad Network, Jun 2'2013, San Diego, CA"I have known Brandie(EMarketID) for over 5 years and worked with her the past three years on several projects.
As people increasingly use online communities for social interaction, new methods are needed to study these phenomena.
Smith specializes in the social organization of online communities and computer mediated interaction. His research interests include social aspects of computer games, computer-mediated communication and agent-based simulation of social networks. While you could consider this network in its early stages, more and more legitimate brands like IBM and J Crew are taking the time to build their presence on it. This includes teasing out the prominent patterns in such networks, tracing the flow of information through them, and discovering what effects these relations and networks have on people and organizations. He founded and managed the Community Technologies Group at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington and is now leading the development of social media reporting and analysis tools for Connected Action.
He is an affiliate faculty at the Department of Sociology at the University of Washington and the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. Many of these social media services can be integrated via social network aggregation platforms. It can therefore be used to study network patterns of organizations, ideas, and people that are connected via various means in an online environment.

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