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Over the last decade the nursing industry has been growing rapidly as older nurses retired and the elderly populations continued to increase. While some graduates are having no problem securing a nursing job after graduation, other nursing graduates are still working at their old college job while they wait for things to improve. The nurse will call patients recently discharged from ER or hospital in order to follow up on patient progress and ensure medical needs are being addresses.
Board certified Nurse Practitioner needed to teach college level courses on pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles and how physiological variables impact drug interactions. Nursing professional with CCM certification will coordinate and monitor treatment programs for injured workers and establish return to work plans. A Clinical Nurse Reviewer will handle clinical certification activities to ensure patients receive proper care. A few years ago there were many hospital recruiters who were aggressively looking to hire new nursing student graduates, but the market has shifted and it is now taking much longer to secure a job after graduation.

However nursing graduates should not be so picky about only working in a hospital, since any job in the nursing field is beneficial as it continues the learning process and helps to gain experience when the economy improves. She has held various writing jobs over here career, and now concentrates her efforts on freelancing for a variety of online publications in different industries. So if you’re interested in pursuing a nursing career (but still want work-life balance), a telecommuting nursing position may be just what the doctor ordered!
This is why the National Student Nurses’ Association advises that graduates should be open to take jobs in places like nursing homes. Asha loves cooking traditional Indian food for her family, doing the weekend crosswords in the NY Times, and working in her garden. CNA graduates are ideal candidates to work in nursing homes, as nursing homes are a great place for the graduate to start their career.
The positive spin in all this news, is that there will be a strong population of qualified nursing professionals to work in the industry once the economy improves and the older nurses retire or go back to part-time employment.

Well, nursing has seen an incredible increase in the number of telecommuting jobs available. Additionally it can cost a lot of money to train a new nursing graduate, so some hospitals are hesitant to invest while the economy is still rocky. On top of this, the National Student Nurses’ Association reported that graduations from nursing schools are currently at an all-time high, which makes it tough for everyone to get a job in a hospital.

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