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87.5% of businesses using social media for customer service have realized a positive impact! I spend almost all my work-time excitedly telling other business owners about the positive impact social media can have on their business. Put up flyers in your store, have obvious social media buttons on your website, add it to any print advertising you participate in, etc. Social media includes magazine advertising, internet forums, blogs and social networking sites among others. Popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is widely used by people in the internet. The features of these social networking sites can be seen as a very effective tool for business owners to use for their own advantage. Business owners can use or integrate popular social networking sites into their own business website and by doing this; they can use the features of social networking sites to generate more website traffic to come into their own sites.

This is possible because having an increase in the website traffic means that there is also an increase in the visitors in the business website. Social media has become a part of the daily lives of an average internet user as this is a way for them to connect with their friends and family. With the advancements in technology comes the development of strategies on how to do good business.
All these social media had become a tool for business owners to promote their products and their brand and the creation of social media impact in business is very positive for the business owners as this had become a way to increase their income.
Many people are logging-in on their favorite social networking sites as soon as they get the chance and sit down in front of a computer which has internet connection. Social media users also get the chance to share the post to others if they find it interesting. Social networking sites reach a lot of people and so by making the features of social networking sites as a tool in business, this makes the social media impact in businesses become better and stronger than ever.

Having the increase in website traffic gives the chance for the business to also increase their sales and income.
One of the best things that arrived to the aid of business owners is the creation of social media. The likes and the followers are ways for the business to increase its popularity and reach more people.
Every social networking site has their own set of features that encourages their users to spend more time. It is the aim of the business owners to increase their likes and followers and in order to do this; they purchase these from their trusted providers.

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