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Testimonial“When I found myself without a job at nearly 53 years old, I was scared, unsure and worried about being able to get another one. I’ve taken these steps, used them faithfully and found a job much sooner than I ever have before.
When you lost your white-collar job, perhaps you lost it forever, now you need another job in order to pay your bills. For men: There is always a need for good painters, bank tellers, construction laborers and persons who do gardening and landscaping. If you cannot find a suitable job working for someone else, you may find it beneficial to become self-employed. Face-to-face contact, however, is evidently the best way to convince individuals and representatives of firms that they need what you have to offer.

Even when I had the best job ever, the job that was the best time in my life, I still had to consider: how am I going to escape this. I don’t mind when people critique me when they’ve lost, quit, or have been fired from as many jobs as I have. In some areas, drivers are in demand for school buses, various small trucking jobs and to deliver newspapers. We used to think you get a corporate job, you rise up, you get promoted, maybe you move horizontally to another division or a similar company, you get promoted again, and eventually you retire with enough savings in your IRA. Everyone thinks they need a safe job so they can save up to buy a home and also qualify for a mortgage.
We have such a high unemployment rate, people are afraid if they leave the job they are miserable at, they won’t be able to get a job.

All the stuff I mention in the post “10 Reasons You Need to Quit Your Job” start to happen. You need to be physically ready, emotionally (don’t quit your job and get divorced on the same day for instance), mentally (get your idea muscle in shape) and spirituall all ready.
Corporate CEOs kept their billion dollar salaries and laid off about 20 million people and sent the jobs to China.

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