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Advertising Manager Salary and Job Outlook from New England College Discover career paths and salary potential for an advertising manager with a bachelors in marketing degree online.
Study: Analytical Skills Increasingly Critical for Managers Find out what skills are considered critical by the AMA for management in the opinion of today's largest employers! Employment Outlook Brightens for Veterans Unemployment among veterans is improving as multiple initiatives connect veterans with jobs, federal statistics show. Study: 65% of New Jobs Will Require College Education A recent report claims by the end of 2019, two-thirds of available jobs will require some college-level education. Human resources (HR) managers have a wide range of duties in their role overseeing the administrative functions of an organization.
Managers who need support with applying or interpreting organizational policies, resolving employee issues or administering employee services typically rely upon HR managers. In larger organizations, different HR managers generally are responsible for specific functions, such as recruiting, staffing or payroll. Nationally, HR managers earned a median annual wage of more than $99,100 in May 2011, with the top 10% earning more than $169,000. In order to successfully perform their varied duties, HR managers must be adept at delegating and overseeing tasks, and communicating, both verbally and in writing. Given the changing nature of employment regulations and benefits options, HR managers need to regularly update their knowledge. Numerous functions associated with HR management, including staffing, payroll and conflict resolution, are likely familiar to many members of the armed forces. In particular, servicemembers assigned to military occupational specializations such as human resources specialist in the Army, personnel specialist in the Air Force and human resources director in the Navy may find similarities in the civilian role of HR manager.

Typically, an HR manager can use recruitment and interviewing skills to identify staff vacancies and select candidates for open positions.
Depending on the size and industry of the organization, HR managers may conduct employee training and orientation, administer a benefits program, analyze compensation and other competitive data and prepare budgets. In larger firms, HR managers may supervise staff or entire departments, such as benefits coordinators, payroll, wellness plans, recruitment and placement specialists and training and development personnel. An advanced degree or specialized HR education is becoming crucially important for some jobs, especially upper-level management positions.
Professionals who are seeking a career as an HR management professional should also demonstrate good judgment, creativity and a positive attitude. When disputes arise or disciplinary action is required, HR managers may serve as mediators between supervisors and employees. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of HR managers is expected to grow by 13% nationally between 2010 and 2020. Certification and other training programs offered through organizations such as the Society for Human Resource Management are among the options for professional development.
Skilled HR management is vital to the success and sustainability of firms around the globe and in every industry.
Professional HR managers are skilled in improving morale and creating a workplace environment that is of benefit to both employees and employers. Expert HR managers are also typically skilled in promoting healthy relationships between staff and management through mediation, handling labor disputes and guiding department managers through employee issues. They can manage and consult with external partners, such as payroll companies and benefits administrators.

HR professionals may obtain the knowledge needed to compete for these jobs through a Master of Science in Human Resource Development degree program. HR managers add value to employers by planning human resources programs and policies that achieve strategic objectives, including employee retention, relations and safety. Any HR professional planning a career path that includes HR management may obtain must-have skills and career-enhancing knowledge through an HR master’s degree program. HR managers are often valued for their role in mitigating risk by keeping organizations compliant with federal, state and local labor laws and regulations. HR managers can also be responsible for collecting and analyzing employee data and maintaining accurate and complete employee records.
Coursework typically includes organizational change management, benefits, compensation, employment law and human resource technology solutions.
Individuals who have earned advanced degrees and industry certifications are typically in a better position to obtain the jobs in highest demand. The changing nature of human resources generally requires HR managers to stay on top of all applicable labor legislation, as well as the shifting needs of their employers and employees.

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