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Find a good mix of activities that the kids can do while you are working that doesn't require supervision. One of the best parts of working from home is that your productivity tends to go up; reducing the time you’re actually working. Kori Ellis is an editor and writer based in San Antonio, TX, where she lives with her husband and four children. Your kids need to realize that you are actually working, otherwise they'll be demanding something from you every second of the day.
If you have a friend with toddlers who also works from home, make a plan to babysit each other's kids for a couple of afternoons a week.
Whether your kids are too young for school or you are a homeschooling mom, it can be challenging to focus on work when you have little ones in tow.
About RozA former corporate consultant and trainer, I transitioned my skills home and founded Covert Social Media, an inbound marketing business that provides done-for-you marketing services for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Most moms I have spoke to say you can’t have a work at home job and look after a baby at the same time without hiring childcare. Welcome to The Savvy Mompreneur where I teach working moms how to use their corporate skills & strengths to build a business that brings them home! No childcare meant I had a baby and a toddler to watch during the majority of the day, and then our 2 older kids in the afternoon. I had started hating it after 10+ years and it's funny how when I think back, my first notion doesn't include the stress and long hours I had to work.
You can schedule your activities to fit your needs instead of your boss’s, your commute takes seconds, and you never have to deal with annoying colleagues. So, create a dedicated work space that is free of some of the primary distractions – TV, comfortable couch, and so on.

Integrate working out, business networking, and finding a place to work out of the house into your schedule.
Without coworkers, you are missing out on human interaction which is vital to a healthy state of mind. With networking, you can expand your sphere of influence, collaborate with like-minded business owners, troubleshoot that difficult client project, brainstorm on new ways to grow your business, and even make a few friends. You can spend more time with your children, save money on daycare costs and you don't even need to get dressed to go to your office. You will have some child-free time to get work done without having to spend money on a babysitter or daycare. I also coach working moms on how to transition their careers home and build a values-based business that serves others. For example, there is no way I could 5 minutes leave alone 45 mins with my toddler who needs constant attention. Thankfully with not having to pay out the wazoo in childcare, like we previously were doing I was able to find enough work to keep a few of the extras that our life had become accustomed to.
My work-at-home life had all of a sudden smacked me with reality – I was going to have to learn how to juggle being a full-time mom, work-at-home mom and a wife. So I threw out that rule for the toddlers in the mornings and now feed them their breakfast upstairs, so I can work and talk to them.
When you choose to work outside of your house, exercise, or just run an errand, talk to people too. Most of us are more productive in the morning, no matter how grumpy we feel when the alarm goes off. Set up a designated play area in your home office, or right outside of it, where you can keep an eye (or ear) on them while they are playing.

A mother's helper will watch the kids in your own home, so you can still feel secure that you are right nearby in case of an emergency.
Also it seems as if naptimes are a great time to work but what if your baby toddler is not a good napper – mine may sleep about an hour a day and I rush around to eat or catch up with housework during that time. I try to use this time for emails, something that I can plow threw without having to put TOO much thought. Set up a work schedule for yourself and stick to it, giving yourself plenty of breaks and an actual quitting time. You'll find that waking up even just an hour earlier than your youngsters can create some much needed, uninterrupted work time.
Many work-at-home moms end up putting in more hours than they would at a traditional office because they never stop working while they are home. Create a dress-up station filled with costumes and used clothing, where they can let their imaginations run wild.
You can drop your kids off a couple of days a week in the middle of the day to allow yourself some hours to work in peace.
Plan a scavenger hunt around the house, and allow them to hunt down a list of items while you are working -- make it a long list. Provide them with plenty of books, blocks, Little People, Hot Wheels and other toys they love to keep them occupied.

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