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The states I see Amazon advertising for home-based workers in most often are Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and Texas. Because these are employee positions, you will also qualify for some benefits that would include paid time off and an employee discount! Amazon wants people who have at least a year of prior customer service experience as well as a high school diploma. Even though you do have a schedule to stick to, Amazon promises that they are flexible and mention that you can sometimes do shift swaps when you need to. Subscribe Now & Get Updates!12,000 other subscribers are getting weekly work at home job leads and blog updates every Saturday morning.
Got the Info I was looking for , Nice to find out Amazon does bend and work with new hires and make accommodations, as for the type of calls we get from customers , get ready for a thick skin .lol from what I read . Hello everyone , I just received a job offer for the at home seasonal job , my main concern is do we really have to go to a amazon I9 office just to file a I9 form , most other jobs it was emailed in ..
I just received a job offer today but the recruiter forgot to tell me the training start date and the production start date. While there is still a lot of apprehension when discussing work from home opportunities with newcomers, there is an increasing number of reputable companies offering remote opportunities today. This one does require an investment, but once you purchase your merchandise and ship it off to Amazon to fulfill the orders you can sit back and enjoy some passive income – our favorite kind of income. I would love to be an affiliate but I live in one of the 6 states that Amazon won’t allow affiliates. One way to work at home and make money is to sell other people’s stuff, known as affiliate marketing. Enter your email below to receive The Work From Home Job Cheat Sheet + A Guide to Getting Your Business Off the Ground! Full time and part time opportunities are available in Arizona, Kentucky, Texas, West Virginia, Delaware, Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Virginia for our seasonal customer service associate position.

Customer Service AssociateBe a critical part of Amazon's mission to deliver excellent service to all Amazon customers. Work-from-home CSA Share the same customer service mission, with the added flexibility of working from your home! A while back I wrote a post with a rundown of all the various work from home opportunities Amazon has to offer kind of summing them all up, but I’ve never done a full review of this particular position. Recently there has been someone claiming to be an Amazon rep, saying they want to hire but asking for a fee first. However, this is very much a phone position because the job posting states that the majority of people call in. They will also try to let you build a schedule that works best for you while also meeting their needs. I’ve only seen a handful of people at Work Place Like Home claiming to have the job, and I found someone at BabyCenter that mentioned something about it. The only states they hire for work at home (at this point) are Kentucky, Washington, Oregon, Kansas, one of the Dakotas, Delaware, New York and West Virginia.
The possibilities range from actual telecommuting employee positions to fabulously lucrative home business options.
Platforms like Amazon Kindle have made it easier than ever for almost anyone to become a published author with a few clicks of the mouse and minimal investment. With this opportunity, you purchase merchandise cheap, usually through a wholesale company, and send it to Amazon to store and ship.
Today to start your own affiliate business and work at home is not a hard thing to do specially with websites like Amazon.
As of the date of this blog post, they are (or at least recently were) hiring seasonal work at home customer service reps for all of the above states in preparation for the upcoming holiday season. It does not appear that Amazon makes you submit to a credit check, just the background check.

Indeed is good to check for the work from home Amazon jobs, or you can search Amazon directly for them. That being said, there is a large number of people who enjoy the laidback atmosphere and ability to work as they please without commitment. Don’t overlook the fact that Amazon is likely the most trusted online merchant around, and they carry almost everything.
While you are giving up a good portion of your profits in some cases, you can’t beat Amazon’s built-in customer base and affiliate program. You sell the items at a markup and Amazon takes care of shipping the items to the customer.
Visit The Work at Home Wife to learn about more opportunities to earn an income while keeping your personal freedom. In addition to seasonal workers, Amazon also has occasional openings for permanent work from home customer service reps. Note that sometimes there are some discrepancies between the two boards … for example, right now I see the jobs listed on Indeed and they will take you straight to the Amazon application page, but if you search Amazon for the jobs, you will see it says they are no longer posted.
Payments are made through Amazon Payments that you can transfer to your bank account or spend on the Amazon website.
My books and websites are passive, I haven’t touched them since 2012 and I still earn an income, but if I ever stop shipping to Amazon FBA, my money will stop.

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